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  • Heather Hutton 1 year ago

    Maria knows so much about growing the desert rose, and I love watching her videos.

  • GCT Groover 1 year ago

    Hello Maria hello. I want to raise baby seeds into plants for the rest of my life and would love to know a few things.
    May I please ask you please what soil mixes to use for babies?
    are ratios half organic compost and half cactus mix???

  • Chris Hedding 1 year ago

    can i plant the seeds in cell trays instead? i live in wisconsin and wonder if it would be better to start the seed indoors right now since our weather is up and down in temperature

  • Whiskey Rose 1 year ago

    Very good video n I know what to do now, tks

  • Danielle Merer 1 year ago

    pourquoi pas de traduction en français

  • Roxanna Goff 1 year ago

    how can i get some seeds . 1909 mullberry street Noblesville In 46060 mrs roxanna goff Thank you .

  • Daniel JHEELAN 1 year ago

    Nice video & Thanks for sharing.

  • Messed Up Hina 1 year ago

    I loved watching you. I love the way you speak

  • Diane Kealoha 1 year ago

    Hi Maria. It's Diane from Los Angeles. Please send me a link to your video where to buy the desert road seeds. U mentioned Mr. Cho from Thailand. Could you send me his address or website so I can order seeds please? By the way we are getting flooding rain in Los Angeles but it is cold. My babies are in the garage because they would rot. Crazy weather here. I've saved rain water to water when we are in late spring when the weather warms up. We don't get summer rain. Bye now.

  • Ryan Galias 1 year ago

    a lot of #ok hehehehe

  • aditya prakash 1 year ago

    What is required temperature to sprout it. I am from india.

  • Rolando Esmaya 1 year ago

    hi Maria, I have planted seeda about 3 days they started to sprout, do i need to water it everyday? thanks

  • Belma Collins 1 year ago

    Maria can I plant my seed on December.. I live in Ontario California..
    I will plant them inside my house what do you think it's it okay

  • Belma Collins 1 year ago

    Maria I planted the seed on Oct inside my house. I live in Ontario ca. When is the right time for me to plant the seed over here and what temperature do I supposed to have them at..

  • Thomas David 1 year ago

    You are the best. Joy. Joy. Joy. There is nothing better than watching someone who has so much passion for what they do. Thank you.

  • Stephanie Lee 1 year ago

    I love your videos! I'm new to gardening and they are super helpful. Do you use "Sarasota soil" for the seeds in this video? I was debating on what type of soil to use for my desert rose seeds. What type of top soil do you recommend?

  • Myhangout 1 year ago

    I want to buy seeds, Where can I buy the seeds?

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