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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Dave shows you how simple it is to grow garlic in containers. I am going to be planting some garlic in containers and show you how I will be doing it. It is a great project but possibly plant them a bit wider apart if you have more space. Just get the cloves from a garlic bulb and plant them 2 inches down in some compost. Best time to plant them is around the first frost and let them overwinter before they start growing in spring. Please rate, comment and subscribe! Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • sdushdiu 7 years ago

    You DO plant? each clove individually!

  • HumanTestingRS 7 years ago

    Why do your containers have like pipes coming out of the corners?? Is it used for air circulation?

  • thegreangardener 7 years ago

    You will know when the garlic is ready for havest when the green stem falls over and turns brown. After you harvest your garlic you will want to let it dry for abought a week in a dark dry space. You should separate the? cloves each clove of garlic can grow a bulb there can be up to 25 cloves of garlic on one bulb. Hope this helps.

  • PompanoBeachBabe 7 years ago

    But aren’t they sort of? clumped together rather than spread out for more room to grow?

  • PompanoBeachBabe 7 years ago

    Why can’t you separate the bulbs and get several plants from one? It would? seem that each clove would grow.

  • fraudstillowns 7 years ago

    I found that some garlic I had stored in the kitchen sprouted by itself, so? I’ve gone ahead and put them in a pot with some soil by the window. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be 10 inches deep though, I’ll definitely move them to a larger pot. The green sprouts are about 30 cm. now and they seem to be doing Ok, I am just hoping they will get enough sunlight during this season. How do I tell when they are ready for harvest?

  • Skyblueginger 7 years ago

    Nice funky music to go? with this. What was it?

  • shujun11 7 years ago

    Short & simple, to? the point!

  • Tyson Judd 7 years ago

    bubble? bubble bubble lol

  • baba112087 7 years ago

    I used my leftover garlic that I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to use.? I did not let it dry but what I did was put it in a sandwich baggie with a wet (not dripping) paper towel to see if it will grow roots. I didn’t want to plant something that wasn’t gonna grow then I planted in the dirt, root down of course and it grew over 5 or 6 inches over a few days. You can do the baggie method to see if your dried garlic will grow but since its dry, it might take some time for it to start making roots.

  • baba112087 7 years ago

    How long does it take? I just planted my garlic about a week ago into soil after sitting in a baggie with a wet paper towel for a week to see if it will grow roots. This is just garlic that I bought at the grocery store and its standard size, no clue what kind but to me? garlic is garlic and we love it here. It has grown a lot!

  • grimsbyjack 7 years ago

    Very informative? information. Thankyou .

  • aryabtsev1 7 years ago

    @PompanoBeachBabe you get a bulb for every clove you plant,? so it’s actually quite productive

  • Neil Mendoza 7 years ago

    Elephant Garlics are not true garlics they’re Leeks..?

  • bioshock722 7 years ago

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    I LOVE to garden and i would be happy to give advice to anybody who asks. I do fun garden videos, time lapses, and of course, plant interviews! Right now I grow peppers, watermelons, and tomatoes. I have alot of experience so check? me out!!!

  • PompanoBeachBabe 7 years ago

    Dave, can’t you separate the cloves and just plant them? Would? they grow? Do you only get 1 bulb from each bulb you plant? Then how do gardeners really reap a crop if they only get 1 for 1? Do you have something in the box to keep the soil off the bottom where the water goes? Did you build your grow box or did you buy it?

  • Myanmar9999 7 years ago

    we eat the root. we call it ju myit in our country, Myanmar. What? should we do to make the root longer?

  • haskel fortwintea 7 years ago

    you mention it takes? a long time but HOW MUCH time.. and if started in winter how long will it take ..??

  • Pratik Narsikar 7 years ago

    how much waiting is needed for harvesting garlic? after u plant it.

  • oharanetworks 7 years ago

    Nice job on? the videos!

    I am subscribing to your channel.


  • rme1383 7 years ago

    should we water? the garlics every day? How much per week?

  • dmanmoka 7 years ago

    containers must have holes in the bottom,if it hasn’t you can use 6mm drill bit and drill them yourself.?

  • Isabel S 7 years ago

    Hi. Do? you know if the container has holes in the bottom or is it necessary to drill holes at the bottom?

  • dmanmoka 7 years ago

    Lol.. That is “the little section”.
    He is using gigantic garlic? bulb. what you see in the video is only 1 clove.

  • kayshomegardening -kayla 7 years ago

    hello huw 🙂 you are a amazing gardener and i have learnt sooo much from you. i’ve watched most your vids and was just? wandering if u could give me a shout out please? i’m new to making video’s but would like to learn sometips? 🙂 cheers

  • Klara Wieck 7 years ago

    I hope you post a video? to show how the experiment turned out. Love all your videos! Keep gardening! 🙂

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    Amazing growth there! We are having horrible weather as well 🙁 I wish it? could do the raining at night, and the sun in the day! Thanks

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    I’m not an enthusiast yet,? but it was good fun!

  • imissmypandacar 7 years ago

    hi there..must tell you…i sowed some radishes only four days ago..popped them in mini growhouse and have got 3 little shoots already ! its been awful weather today..not? been out and im itching to plant

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    Yeah that’s fine. I like helping out other gardeners? so expect one in a video or two! thanks for watching! Huw

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    I? hope that the rest sprout up and they should! Very easy germinating, make a video about harvesting them if they grow. Thanks!

  • Andalbanon 7 years ago

    Good fun, Huw! As you might know, I’m? a garlic enthusiast.

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    Brilliant, I have loads of? garlic left so I will do that! Thanks again! Great info!

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    Thanks for watching and both of our water butts are almost always full!?

  • TheKiwiGrower 7 years ago

    very cool dude! Ive also recently planted my first garlic ever into a? planter box thing, and so far 1 out of the 5 have come up… 🙂

  • imissmypandacar 7 years ago

    its been nice in east yorkshire too today…thats where i am. i got sunburnt. but it rains everyother day at the moment too…still ,it fills the water butt up anyway. another great video….thanks,? keep them coming.

  • gummer4england 7 years ago

    nice vid i gre glic in a bckt lst year and left hem in my old house, i just moved in feb, went to visit? old house last week and got my old garlic plants (in my new vid you will see 2) also a easy tip to start, get garlic, seperate the closes, wrap in kitchen roll, wet, leave in a a warm room, check it in a few days it should mostly all have good roots, as a bonus to planting in ground asap, try it, ifit works d a vid on “starting garlic” 🙂

  • Rodney Cox 7 years ago

    Nice video would you mined doing a shout out for me, I really hate to asked but I need some help getting started on YouTube.? Can’t wait for more videos. 🙂

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    It’s my noise of? working out maths 😛 it’s so funny! Lol

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    How is the job being a plant manager, what do you do? I am so pleased that I inspired you! That is one of my aims to insipre people! Car boot sales are a great way to sell plants! Great? idea having a nursery! Thanks for watching and best wishes! Huw

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    I like garlic as? well! Thanks

  • FunLovinPaddy 7 years ago

    good luck with you garlic Huw!, you got some great vids. I work as a plant manager at a garden centre but you have inspired me to start growing plants at home to sell at car boots, then maybe in the long run have? my own nursery!

  • squidgybidge 7 years ago

    Another cool vid? buddy. Hopefully they grow well for you. I really do like my Garlic. Yum.

  • HuwsNursery 7 years ago

    Yeah I wonder! It could of been a horse, the farmers around us? have some! Thanks for watching!

  • freakygeaktwo 7 years ago

    very good I like how you caught the mistake, the flat part is the bottom the tip is where the greenery comes from. I wonder how well they will do laying on the side. Did I hear a horse ? 😉 ? thanks for sharing 🙂