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  • David MacDonald 1 year ago

    Any update on the passion fruit?

  • thnkr0917 1 year ago

    Yes, mine are also growing like crazy and are on a north facing wall. They are already up and over the fence to get that southern exposure.

    Both are Fredrick Passion vines. The first one was planted in August about a year and a half ago. I put it in an amended hole like the OP and then later added a bit of a raised bed around it. The second one was planted about six months later in early spring, literally the first week of last February. On that one I did a whole semi raised bed 6ft x 3ft by 3 ft deep (lot of work and money). Obviously, the second one is even happier than the first one and outgrowing the first one due to all that extra rich soil, but both are happy and green. They seem to be the hardiest things I've planted, lush even now in January and just for the record, they got absolutely no cold damage last week, despite being "tropical". I still have no fruit yet, but lots and lots of gorgeous dark green growth and a couple random flowers last year on the second one I planted. I think this coming year will be the fruit year and hopefully the butterfly year too.

    I unwound the second vine like the OP does. The first one is still braided like it came from the Lowe's and now one branch of that vine seems less hardy, probably due to being strangled off by the braiding as it grows, so good advice to unwind the vines when you plant it. That may also be the reason it is growing slightly slower than the second one. You learn as you go, I guess. I can't change that now, but if one branch dies, I'm sure there will be plenty of other new growth to cover it up.
    I am also planting lots of butterfly drawing plants nearby the passion vines, as well. It just seems like a good idea. I didn't read to do that anywhere. It just seems to make sense and looks great nearby all the green of the passion vines.
    I hear the Fredrick doesn't get quite as decimated by the butterflies as some other varieties of passion vine can. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the gorgeous psychedelic looking flowers, the yummy fruit or the butterflies it draws!

    My big problem is they are not on big enough trellises so they tend to want to grow up and over the stucco wall behind the trellises instead of lengthwise along the wall. I was surprised at how much was actually on the other side of the block wall when I went around to the road side to trim it. I need to add it all along the wall like the OP to get the vines to spread more lengthwise. I'm loving what the OP has done with his cattle fence trellis system. How hard is that to install? It looks pretty simple and will be invisible underneath the vines, I imagine.

  • Robin Lanter 1 year ago

    I planted one of those same Passion Fruit Vines about the same time you did this year. It had three vines but I think it was too hot this summer and two of the vines died. I planted another right next to the one that died back to one vine and right now they are both doing good and I my first fruit developing on it.

  • Latricia Cagle 1 year ago

    I recently planted the same variety (September 2018). It was about the same size as yours but has been growing like crazy. I had one flower that did not set fruit but I really wasn’t expecting any so soon. Mine is at the SE corner of my pergola and I hope it will cover most of the top to help shade 3 of my dwarf citrus in containers. I have planted a Moringa “wall” about 8 feet to the south for additional summer shade. The moringas are planted about 1’ apart and will hopefully provide some addition noise mediation (I’m in a flight path for Sky Harbor) and a wind break since most of my monsoon winds tend to come from the south.

  • Phil UP6903 1 year ago

    Planted mine and not doing well in Sun Lakes. Looks like drying out but gets ample water. Wondering if yours doing well with this 115' temps. I am trying shade screen above mine now as thinking it too hot.

  • Garry Cole 1 year ago

    I planted a passion fruit from a tiny 2" plant that I got from my wife's friend in California from her back yard. I grew it in a 5 gallon pot and it grew fairly well but the sun and wind was very hard on it. I had to move it and the small pergola I built for it to grow on to a side where the plant was partly protected from the wind as well as the pergola. It grew okay last year with a few branches and this year I moved it to a 15 gallon pot and it is doing really well. It had some flowers but the cold spell a couple of weeks back made it drop the flowers. I am still training it to the pergola. My take away is to protect the main stem from sun and cold and mulch real well, the leaves seems to love the sun because it is always growing towards it and makes it hard to train to go down a pergola.

  • Historic Phoenix 1 year ago

    I planted two of the large Purple Possum (edulis) variety so far this year. One on a north facing wall that's grown like gangbusters in just a few weeks to get to full southern exposure at the top of the wall – and another on a very protected west facing wall. That one has already bloomed and has lots of buds forming.. I have three much smaller 'Frederick' that I'm waiting to put into the ground (I'd like to see a bit more growth before I plant them) but I'm hoping for a lot of growth (and maybe even a few fruit) on them this year. I enjoyed watching the video and look forward to comparing them in the future! Thanks!

  • Pamela Peterson 1 year ago

    Glad you got it in. We had one in WA (western) and had it on our deck for a long time. I had to prune it down each year and bring it in the house as we routinely got 13 degrees each winter for a period of time – sometimes a bit lower. One year we got a very early unusually cold freeze (late Nov.) and that did it in. We enjoyed it while we had it. Grows a lot in the summer – long branches with beautiful purple pincushions all over.. which covered our railing on the deck. Maybe we will try one here if yours does well. We will be down to check during the really hot weather.

  • Michaela Gibbs 1 year ago

    I was given some passion fruit seeds and told to plant them in July, I'm planning to try them against our north facing wall. This year I really want to try to cover as much of the bare wall as possible, excited to see what you are planning to do with the gogi bush. The gogi and mulberry are what I will be getting next.

  • Lucrative 1 year ago

    I tried growing Frederick here in San Antonio last year. It grew amazingly, about 20-25ft on either side of the main stem. We got a few days down into the mid 20's as well. Mine died all the way back to the ground and hasn't come back yet this year, so I think it might be a goner. I'm going to try again, but make sure I add a 2 ft mulch pile up the main stem beforr winter to see if it will make it. I'd definitely suggest you try this as well.

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