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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from shares with you how he is planting his pepper plants for the upcoming season. He uses a modified square foot gardening approach, so he can pack in the most peppers to yield the most fruit. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • starlight219 8 years ago

    Thank you for another great video. How much is “a scooper” of? Azomite? how much is “a scooper” of worm castings? Mine didn’t come with a scooper. What scooper are you using? Thanks and keep on growin!

  • raygrowtx 8 years ago

    I grow peppers in the shade an they grow better in every way , but? Texas is hot

  • MrRealoriginalgangst 8 years ago

    at 2:50 why? on earth can i hear the lady accross the street raking so well. has her rake got a mic?!?!?!

  • edanis1 8 years ago

    Hi! I become addicted to ur videos.. I never ever grow a plant yet but u isnpired me!! I have 4 CRUCIAL quex. I got 10 gallon 15″ diam plastic containers from Lowes hopefully enough to grow veggies Q1:How many indeterminite tomatoes &/or pepper plants do you recommend I plant per container? Q2: How often? should I water my plants? Q3:How much water does each container? need? Q4: Can I also plant herbs with the peppers and tomatoes within the same container without making them squeezed? Thnx!!!!!

  • insomniacgrace 8 years ago

    Thanks for this video clip. This? is so informative and so comprehensive.

  • dayspeace 8 years ago

    thanks man, this? is really helpful. really like this video.

  • TheConqueress 8 years ago

    ~ Thanks, John! I hadn’t even pondered the points your response to me shares! Instead, I’ve been pondering USED? DIAPERS with MOISTURE RETENTION CRYSTALS soaked in baby’s urine as planting hole additives! (Because of your latest JUICING in your garden kitchen video!) ~ Have you tried that, yet? (You mentioned an interest + adding urine to TREES) I’ve heard the urine-soaked diaper crystals are EXCELLENT for adding to tomatoe & other EDIBLE planting holes for dual benefits…

  • growingyourgreens 8 years ago

    In general, no. Things I do: 1. aclimate the plants. I move the plants from the greenhouse and set the plants out in the bed (or nearby)? a few days before planting. 2. Water plants before transplanting and then after.

  • growingyourgreens 8 years ago

    I have some growing? in containers.

  • growingyourgreens 8 years ago

    If it works, go for it. I personally would prefer to add a more “natural” source of phosphate, if in fact, that is what I needed to add. My first choice, would be? to add composted fruits (which have a high level of phosphate) after that I would use a rock phosphate.

  • stymye 8 years ago

    even if they cross pollinate it will have absolutly no effect on the peppers ,,, only if? you keep the seeds, than next year you will have the effects of cross pollination.

  • TheConqueress 8 years ago

    John, What are your thoughts on including a couple of un-struck old-fashioned _matches_ into each PEPPER PLANT planting? HOLE? This is how I was taught to do it for “cheap phosphorous, way back in the ’70s… Thanks in advance! <3

  • TheConqueress 8 years ago

    He does! It’s over by the house and in full-flower _right now_ ~ The “How to Use Your Bolting Veg Leaves” video, (Before this one), shows him harvesting the white flowers & juicing them 🙂 At least that’s how I remember it…? “-) ~ Keep Growing Your Own NUTRITION! 🙂 Love Your Dedicated Efforts, John! ~ ENJOY: Sharing your videos & all the keystrokes they save me (in not having to TYPE explanations!) <3

  • Juicestain813 8 years ago

    Hey John., I don’t mean to nitpick but feijoa is pronounced like “fay-joe-ah”. This is a? Brazilian name. BTW I love your channel!

  • chucks970 8 years ago

    go buy the book ” All New Square Foot Gardening” and? read it. it is a great book and then you;ll understand.

  • SpicyJax3000 8 years ago

    ? It’s simply efficient. Minimal energy input creating maximum output. Less soil, less water, less weeding, less maintenance.

  • haiweigh 8 years ago

    I’m just curious about cross pollination between pepper varietys? with so many varietys in the bed, I’ve got about 7 or 8 varietys started and ready to plant and have struggled to keep them separate in my garden plan, was that time wasted on my part and is it okay to put them all together?

  • Pastor Cameron 8 years ago

    I did a row of peppers than row of carrotts to give more? room to pepper plants and other plants

  • CountToBen 8 years ago

    I? don’t understand the benefit of square-foot gardening over just planting according to their individual spacing needs?

  • J Walker 8 years ago

    john,? grow some horseradish!

  • jazz61021 8 years ago

    Just started planting cool season crops, last frost date here is about May 12th. If you have? the space, I have planted peppers about two feet on center.

  • sukumvit 8 years ago

    “Capsicum”? in Australia, isn’t it….

  • neomisterp 8 years ago

    Really enjoy the breakdown, I feel so ‘behind’ on the planting season though. I don’t think our last frost has passed where I live, but? the seedlings I started are getting their roots filled up, we’ll see how it goes.

  • mageejt 8 years ago


  • Hanson4084 8 years ago

    great video again keep up the? good work going to look about an irrigation system Thank again from eddie northern ireland