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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote For a fun look back at what “the sandy garden” looked like when we first moved in check out this blog post I did in September 2015 (we moved in May 2015) and hop down to about picture #11 and you’ll see this area! It is fun to look back!… I began (and finished) work on the “sandy garden” and didn’t feel it was worth a whole video but wanted to show a picture slide show of the awesome progress! I amended the beds, used cottonwood branches as a border, planted some corn as a wind break until the bamboo grows back on the west side, planted some marigold flowers and seeds, got my 32 seed potatoes planted, moved a cute little flowering bush over in that area (I can’t remember what it’s called now) and even planted my peanuts in the raised bed just across from the potato patch!!! And I mulched the whole area and created a new seating area OH and put in my first manual sprinkler!!! If I can just put a timer on this guy…I won’t have to ever worry with it. Which I will be doing in the future!!! OH AND I did a DIY painting project AND planted cowpeas in one keyhole bed and desert arugula in the other (last) keyhole bed!!!! I only have 1 “bed” left to finish in the front and then on to the last spot in the side yard that needs work, ie, future okra and watermelon garden! Oh and I started a box garden in 3 boxes, mulched my sunken beds in the backyard AND got 2 new mesquite trees. Wow…crazy busy day! See why I couldn’t have done 1 video for all that work? […]


  • BassManBobBassCovers 2 years ago

    I love jamming out to the intro 🙂

  • Katherine Taylor 2 years ago

    Awesome photos!!

  • Sundancer 2 years ago

    That's a massive amount of progress ! Very well done indeed.
    If you're serious about getting a good corn harvest, try and squeeze in some more rows , as it pollinates much better ( and you get more corn) if you plant in a block.
    The commercial tomato growers here, plant corn 3-4 rows deep around their crops as the corn lowers the temperature of the hot winds, and so protects the tomatoes.
    I started out planting a LOT of rosemary. I didn't need so much, but it grows well in desert sun and I could then plant in the shade it provided. Worked really well.
    Cheers for now, and keep on truckin !

  • JM at The Nuthouse 2 years ago

    Loving the progress! I'm really interested in the desert arugula. If you wouldn't mind sharing the name, where you got it??? Thanks, I eat lots of greens! All my leaf lettuces, parsley and cilantro are supposed to be slow bolt but not so much, already bolted. I got a lot off them though. Got about 1800 onions in various places and varieties and they are starting to seed too. The ones I put in in January that is .

  • Nifty Thrifty Bits 2 years ago

    You have been a busy lady!

  • BlueGrassBound Homestead 2 years ago

    Lookin good!

  • 420Homestead™ 2 years ago

    New potato's grow from the potato vine that goes from the seed potato strait up and out of the soil. So the room your potato's have to grow is the soil from the top of the seed to the surface…I am hoping you burried the potato's deeper than was depicted in the slide show. It looked like they were about maybe 6 inches deep. Don't dig them up or anything but next time get them as deep as you can because they need that vertical room under the soil to be able to grow potato's. I should have specified when we were talking on my video about them but the potato's i did this year were planted 18 inches below grade and once i am done mounding the seed potato will be over 2 feet in the ground. That is why people use tires because you can get that 2 ft vertical without digging deep. But here in AZ tires are just to hot so you would have to paint them white for sure but they also will take twice the water over growing them in the ground.

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