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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Visit for more information in 5 languages. This video shows the Groasis capillary drill making planting holes for trees in limestone in Dubai. Este video muestra el taladro capilar Groasis hacer los agujeros para la plantación de árboles en la piedra caliza en Dubai Video Rating: / 5


  • Himself Lee 4 years ago

    Where is the break-away for those tree rings for when the trunk gets too large?

  • SSkanderbeg Kastrati 4 years ago

    This is the best way helping your country,and make a safe future for your children,instead getting engaged with religion or other bullshits.Just go on like this.Gratulations from Kosova

  • Raimundo Silva 4 years ago

    Thank you by excellents informations about reforest for save our planet

  • Wild Gorgh 4 years ago

    One of those guy with shovel could dig 20 holes before that tool with tractor can make one.

  • tradingfoursj 4 years ago

    Pieter, congratulations, the work you have on the waterbox and the paper wrappings is a masterpiece. i'm very interested in the subject of greening deserts and deteriorated ecosystems and have been informing myself for a while now. there's a number of people around the world doing very similar stuff and you could benefit massively from checking out their work (they are al in youtube): geoff lawton (specially his experience in jordan), permaculture, john liu, sahara forest project and many others

  • Groasis Waterboxx 4 years ago

    Dear Superelisabeth We're editing a video of the results, it will be placed within a few weeks from now. If you subscribe you'll have a notification of it. Kind regards and thanks for your reaction. Pieter Hoff

  • superelisabeth 4 years ago

    Is there a video out there of how it looks now? Or of similar projects before and after shots or video. Anyone know?

  • sandman34567 4 years ago

    This is stupid. Why would someone plant trees in lime stone, since once the roots fill the hole there will be no more growth available

  • Pykenike1 4 years ago

    But wouldn't this box generate part of the protection a young tree needs? I mean, if bird faeces can protect a seed then the waterbox should do roughly the same right? In case of not enough humidity (e.g. Mohjavi) I would expect that it would work quite well if you add water i.e. every month. It's not ideal but it's not completely useless I would assume.

    Great job, or should I say; geweldige uitvinding! Een stap richting het tegengaan van desertificatie!

  • Andrei Lucaci 4 years ago


  • Kimbowa Richard 4 years ago

    Just curious about the carbon footprint of the planting process.

  • Groasis Waterboxx 4 years ago

    Hello Lieveloortje Thank you for your nice compliments, much appreciated! Pieter Hoff

  • Ana Maria 4 years ago

    Great Invention, It is a saving-time extraordinary machine.
    Congratulations AquaPro!

  • Groasis Waterboxx 4 years ago

    Dear Worldofwarcraftrus The box generates water from condensation on every place where there is a reasonable RH +40% (=relative humidity above 40%) and where night temperatures drop. So in the Sahara: yes, a very high production as RH = 65% plus very cold nights. In the Caribbean area: no, no cold nights. In the Mojavi Desert: no, as the RH is only about 10%. Pls check this link kind regards Pieter Hoff

  • vutEwa 4 years ago

    I am very interested to know the results of these plantings!

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