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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote No space for all the tomato seedlings – so we planted 24 in our straw bale garden. Now the rest of the story: tomatoes in our raised beds! Organic food from our garden is an important part of our diet, and a way to make delicious food more affordable. So, tending our mature asparagus bed is a vital part of our gardening. Our continued Organic Garden Experiment At BrainStorm Acres Homestead is the latest of our 14 year experiment of living off grid in Northern Arizona. We strive to make our lives more sustainable by using solar power, wind power, local resources, and careful, thoughtful purchases. We collect water from rainwater catchments that are stored in our cisterns. We use foraged food when it’s available. Our objective is to grow more of our own food for dietary reasons, and the security of knowing how our food has been raised. We are sustainable with a limited number of plants, and are working towards greater self sufficiency. We are embarking on a new gardening year. One that relies on our raised wicking beds and our off grid greenhouse. BrainStorm Acres challenge is multiplied since we are off grid relying on solar power and water catchment. Thanks for joining us on our continuing journey. Take care. Henry & Irene BrainStorm Acres PO Box 105 Ash Fork, AZ 86320 Follow us on Facebook : Twitter: @BrainStormAcres Instagram: brainstormacres Music: “Little Tomcat”, “Once Tomorrow”, Cray Glue” Artist Josh Woodward Free Download Website: Planting Tomatoes In High Desert Garden Video Rating: / 5


  • Digwell Greenfingers 1 month ago

    Nice one guys! I guess where you are it is all about water, water, water!

  • Home In The Sticks 1 month ago

    Good looking maters Mrs Irene, do y'all mulch your maters in to retain moisture? Dan

  • Blissful Acres Off Grid Homestead 1 month ago

    We have not had good luck with tomatoes so I am enjoying your video very much and I hope you have an abundant crop of tomatoes..

  • Brew City Gardener 1 month ago

    Those tomato starts look great! How many varieties do you have going in this year?

  • Essayons Family Garden 1 month ago

    Great updates Irene. I like the idea of mapping your beds. I hope all the seeds do well in your desert environment.

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden 1 month ago

    Going to be some nice peppers in that bed! Great job done showing us how you planted up your maters. Good luck with all your babies this season. Looking forward to seeing them grow! Hope you two have a great weekend!

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