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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote In the past, plants weren’t even a thing in tropical reptile enclosures. With improving technology, it is becoming more and more easy to welcome plants into all kinds of enclosures – including those for reptiles from desert or arid environments. Today, I talk about these plants, suggest some types to start off with and summarise their basic care needs. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and, should you wish to see similar content in the near future, please subscribe! Video Rating: / 5


  • Max Wolfgang 9 months ago

    Why do you have a drainage layer for a desert environment?

  • #Lollypop Libby 9 months ago

    Your vid are so helpful! You deserve wayyyy more subs :3

  • The Serpents Cave 9 months ago

    Nice info thank you

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