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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Today I made a Sunflower Cake from Plants vs Zombies using fondant. I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I’m not a pro, but I love baking as a hobby. Please let me know what kind of treat you would like me to make next! Order The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook here: FOLLOW RO: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Snapchat: rosannapansino FOLLOW NERDY NUMMIES: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: THINGS YOU WILL NEED: * (1) Sunflower Cake Mold – * (1) Cake Leveler – * (1) Cake Decorating Turntable – * (1) Frosting Spreader – * (1) Fondant Cutter/Embosser – * (1) Pastry Mat – * (1) Yellow Cake Mix – * (1) Cream Cheese Frosting – * (1) Yellow Fondant – * (1) Brown Fondant – * (1) Black Icing Dispenser – Video Rating: / 5 Video Rating: / 5


  • Brandon Luke 4 years ago

    can you make a eraser cake

  • Gabriela Zdziarska 4 years ago

    Bardzo fajny pomysł!
    Lubię twoje odcinki Nerdy Nummies!

  • It'sEllaI 4 years ago

    Please make a kunai from naruto shippuden please!!!!! :)

  • Musab Saleem 4 years ago


  • Musab Saleem 4 years ago

    Can you make a frozen cake

  • Madison Schweitzer 4 years ago

    I love your sunflower colored highlights

  • Madison Schweitzer 4 years ago

    You could call it a smooth-out spatula?

  • Alyssa Lovan 4 years ago

    I decided to watch your old videos again! ☺️

  • ur_ main_girl 4 years ago

    you will be bad

  • ur_ main_girl 4 years ago

    soon me and my sister will be good

  • Katie 4 years ago

    lmao wow she has improved so much since then

  • joevanny & Xavier boss 4 years ago

    do a peashoter

  • Miriam Meza 4 years ago

    Can u do a Roblox Cake with denisdaily he a cool Roblox player

  • Macaila Taran 4 years ago

    Make a gastly cake

  • Gia Princess 4 years ago

    Yay pvz

  • Paige Coen 4 years ago

    That lookes so good

  • Ewan Cameron 4 years ago

    I'm old

  • Shawn Dominique 4 years ago

    I listen to this song every night before I go to bed.

  • andcalta 4 years ago


  • AT - Burleism 4 years ago

    thanks Greek!

  • pyramonitor 4 years ago

    1981 Berlin

  • martin lezcano 4 years ago

    feliz cumple rob!!un grande entre las voces dl metal!!

  • recorded in 1981, totally ahead of times , amazing !

  • James Hightower 4 years ago

    Priest are the metal gods

  • Paleo D 4 years ago

    Love listening to this while driving on the desert plains and valleys of New Mexico.

  • Jackson Rhoads 4 years ago

    Rules. Period.

  • Wade k 21 4 years ago

    Turn the speed to 1.25. Trust me it sounds so much better.

  • Uba Tooba 4 years ago

    This sounds 10X better than the HD version. Thanks for uploading this!
    HD version sounds like FN dog crap.

  • B Frazia 4 years ago

    alternate "blood stone"

  • Danielle Legge 4 years ago

    top ten favorite.. oooh ya

  • R Bones 4 years ago

    used to play this when I drove from San Diego to Vegas to see my girlfriend. I was 17 at the time great memories.

  • R Bones 4 years ago

    used to play this when I drove from San Diego to Vegas to see my girlfriend. I was 17 at the time great memories.

  • Dean Hart 4 years ago

    Whatever became of the original album art?

  • sirrobert007 4 years ago

    Awesome song! Saw them perform it live in Paso Robles in 2015.

  • toxic avenger 4 years ago

    church/ill isn't our friend ,want ta bomb Germany, who u gonna call? don't worry there's plenty of ally's still around , give em a call . they'll be glaD TO BOMB ANY CITY NEAR U

  • "in burning rubber i end my quest. you fall into my arms at last!" i listened to this while on the road alone from texas to cali. it was a very long trip but i knew it was worth it because i was going to meet the love of my life for the first time. i met my now husband online and had a long distance relationship with him for almost 2 years until i decided to move to cali. this song means so much to me because it reminds me of the time we spent apart and the journey i took to get to him. we have been married for 3 years now and have a son together. i listen to this song and judas priest all the time <3

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