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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Some Camo Cactus Gameplay. If you enjoy my content, watch it live at As you guys may already know, I love off-camera flash. Especially a nice portable system that does just about everything I need. So when the nice folks at Ca…

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  • I'm Batman 6 years ago

    So you have to have a lvl 10 cactus or can you get it on a spectacular??

  • Ostomesto 6 years ago

    Damn you’re lucky. I’m wet level ten with my cactus now and only have 3/5

  • Jarrett Sweet 6 years ago

    was that 80 damage for a headshot? i couldnt see?

  • Josh Little 6 years ago

    I am working towards unlocking him now !?

  • Lewis McCartney 6 years ago

    me got mr.camo cactus.get the critical hits there sunny boy?

  • Slush HD 6 years ago
  • EMIP TV 6 years ago

    Did he say how much or did I miss it??

  • Steve Pellegrino 6 years ago

    Looks like a nice system. The flash reminds me of the Lumopro LP180. Keep
    us updated on how it works with X100s.?

  • vnitto 6 years ago

    How is the battery door on the Cactus V6 Transceiver? I had problems
    having the door on the tray staying shut after putting batteries my Cactus
    V5 Transceiver.?

  • angelisone 6 years ago

    ATG/Cactus have just put Pocket Wizard & Paul Buff & Quantum into the
    history books.?

  • KevTCC 6 years ago

    Will these new transceivers trigger the Cactus V5 transceivers? I have 5 of
    them. ?

  • Keshav Chugh 6 years ago

    Hey Adam.the flashes look really interesting. What is the guide number of
    this speedlight? ?

  • Wayne Young 6 years ago

    Like too see another Video with you using them. Love your work Adam?

  • daveknowshow 6 years ago

    I have the v5 series and its awesome! I may step up to this v6 and a few
    flashes. I have been a fan of cactus for a while they seem to be the best
    kept secret of frugal photographers on a budget like me. yes pocket wizards
    may make me look cool like driving a corvette to the camera store but at
    the end of the day my old Subaru got the job done just as well leaving
    extra cash for goodies at the store!?

  • Jacob Medina 6 years ago

    Hey Adam! The RF60’s have built in radio transmitter & receiver mode in
    You should be able to trigger them with a either a V6 single trigger or
    RF60 flash in transceiver mode.

    Would love to see you in action with this new flashes and triggers! ?

  • Gustavo Barros 6 years ago

    i hope to see you using them, nice video man!?

  • Miguel Carrasco, Jr 6 years ago

    I’m looking to buy a flash and I’ve never heard of Cactus flashes. Does
    anyone have one and recommend them? ?

  • Joep van Aert 6 years ago

    great to see another video Adam! Curious to see how the flashes work in
    “the field” for you and how they are compared to the lumopro lp180.?

  • Sid Mup 6 years ago

    Hey Adam, if you had a chance to play around with RF60 and V6, can you
    please make a video on that. Would love to see that video. By seeing the
    functionality wise it seems pretty good for the price range. Thanks for all
    the videos you make.?

  • Pierre Fran 6 years ago

    Hey companies, send me some free stuff and I’ll be you b*tch…that is how
    this video looks.?

  • Steffen Berg Klenow 6 years ago

    Please give your thoughts after you have tried them :D?

  • herbg1 6 years ago

    I’m curious as to why you put the RF60 flash on the transceiver? I thought
    the RF60 had a built-in transmitter and receiver. ?

  • ????? ?????????? 6 years ago

    Thanks for the review! I have x100s + nikon d610 and 2 questions:
    1. Whats max shutter sync speed with these guys on x100s?
    2. If i buy cactuses for nikon, will they work on my x100s? Asking because
    i have 2 different sets of yongnuo transievers (yn622n works on nikon,but
    dont trigger x100s and i use yn602 on fuji)

    Greetings from Ukraine;)?

  • Steven Waldstein 6 years ago

    So as others have said you don’t need the V6 tranceiver with the RF-60’s,
    Do you read your viewers comments? Why is there ZERO response from you in
    two months??

  • Rick B 6 years ago

    Just bought a pair of Cactus V6 so i’m happy to see your video.?

  • captmikea320 6 years ago

    Great video. So does the V6 do everything that the Pocket Wizard TTL units
    do? If not. what, in a nutshell, does the PW do that the V6 will not do??

  • radishfever 6 years ago

    Looking forward to hearing more. These would be my first flashes if I hear
    more good reviews.?

  • Gadget Infinity 6 years ago
  • Cactus Image 6 years ago