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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Playing Guitar in Arizona Desert. (theme of the rebels) We were on our way back to Florida from California in January of 2018 and stopped by some desert in Arizona. I just pulled out of the trunk the only guitar I had with me at the time, plugged it in directly into the field recorded and made up this Tarantino movie style piece. Drums and bass came later in the editing. It’s a cool guitar riff, you can solo on it or put some words too if you’d like. For now it’s a just a spooky desert melody like something about to go down. Just like in the movies. Become a member of this channel: Motion camera work by JillSea: Do you want to learn how to play guitar? Well, Fender has lessons here: I don’t teach but if you sign up there I make a little money which helps me out. Thanks. Thanks for watching! All important links are bellow. Subscribe to Dovydas channel for more. Leave a comment and a like if you enjoyed this video. #dovydas Listen to my music: 💽►Spotify: 💽►Amazon Music: 💽►iTunes: 💽►Google Play: ►Dovy merch: ►Dovy subreddit: ►Dovy discord server: 💻 Follow on: Tweets by dovydasmusic snapchat me at davidsmashmusic 📬 Fan Mail: Dovydas PO Box 3406 Sarasota, FL 34230 Donations are appreciated! ►Bitcoin Cash address: 19Qs3P6xxWE9uh1v9Lo7WyqhsGJw8644UT ►Ethereum address: 0x80C081e349084479e6eCf3F6c2cd967C38B36944 ►Litecoin address: LWPj6VJLmTHGKVjRYNEhk22rcBYNMBWgVE ►Bitcoin address: 13LamyiLHtoePihpzihZMqYopSbYWtxGdR ►PayPal email: ►Patreon: for inquiries: 💽►Learn how to play guitar: 💽►Learn how to sing: 📰►Gear that I use: My Light Up shoes – Main Guitar – Guitar Effects Processor – Grey guitar – Red Hollow Body guitar – Acoustic […]


  • Mark Cummings 1 year ago

    The wood on that Universum looks like it came off of one of those petrified trees in the desert, so it works well.

  • Mark Cummings 1 year ago

    Made me think of SRV "Couldn't Stand The Weather"

  • Ryan Chambers 1 year ago

    This reminds me of the dick Dale nitro video lol

  • Keef Junior 1 year ago

    Have you ever slid a live plucked chicken down your low e? You have to keep them greased up, but the sound is pretty horrific.

  • Rage Theatre2020 1 year ago

    Get the hell off my driveway with that thing!…………damn hippies……..

  • Ocean Master 1 year ago

    Strange seeing you with your hair down

  • Nick Wick 1 year ago

    Man, those Drummrolls totally fuck me over, still.

  • zthang 1 year ago

    Was so cool and mysterious until you turned and showed the Holiday Inn Express lol.

  • Todd 1 year ago

    SOOO fucking awesome. Really sad that the drums don't match all the time 🙁

  • ATUL PANDEY 1 year ago

    ta ye ta ye ta ye in ye in ta ye in ta ya in
    I love the music.
    Love you dovy ! you are my hero. love form India.
    I am also learning guitar . hope ,one day ,I will play like you .

  • Xfact0r123 1 year ago

    Love your stuff but you need new clothes ahahah.

  • Robert Bascelli 1 year ago

    Thrilled that you shot this in my home state… Man, your talent and passion are mind blowing. Your knowledge of the tools in your trade are amazing. Love your channel. Keep it up.

  • Donnie 1 year ago

    that is one mean kinda groove!

  • Ali1671 1 year ago

    DØVYDAS, bringing rock back to the mainstream!

  • Tama 1 year ago

    I was expecting Jimmy Barnes to appear through the clouds and provide the scream

  • Peter Brummer 1 year ago

    That was way cool! Typical European though, your dress sense is for shite. Black Levi’s, leather boots n a white t shirt then top it off with a Stevie Ray style hat and the visual will be befitting the guitar madness going on. Just a suggestion, or keep doing your own euromerica thing. Regardless, great music as usual so all the best and rock on!

  • burning love 1 year ago

    beware of the Aliens

  • Chylxz Gacho 1 year ago

    imagine DOVYDAS playing with bassist Davie504

  • Billy Edwards 1 year ago

    I agree I support patrol catch and deport

  • Vicki Chavez 1 year ago

    Go Boarder Patrol

  • Jack O'Scratch 1 year ago

    I wonder how many Americans here who consider themselves Christians would advocate letting people who cross the boarder illegally starve to death or die of thirst in the desert? Read the parable of the sheep of the goats. If you deny food or water to a person in need, you are denying it to the one you CLAIM. to follow. Disgusting hypocrites. That is one reason why I abandoned Christianity.

  • Allen Ramsey 1 year ago

    If your have no rights….people that help are breaking the law..arrest them!!! I support trump and the border patrol…they don't want no more deaths then stay the fuck home

  • borderbill 1 year ago

    Got em !!!

  • Michael Van Story 1 year ago

    you people fail to realize that all your ancestors who founded your country were british refugees who fled due to the immense persecution of the English parliament. None of which were allowed to be there. Then how many of their families came to America as illegals fleeing from corrupted governments and in search for something better. But that is beyond the scope and capacity of you brainwashed minds…..go on believing that your government actually has your best interest in mind, because there is not a single swath of land under rule in the world were you will find things like true FREEDOM, LIBERTY, OR THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. NO WHERE. The wall, Trump, Congress, and the EU are both examples of when power falls into the wrong hands. They waste time on Mexicans that are harmless, but let scumbags with bombs through their borders by the multitude. What a joke

  • LibertyOrDeath 1 year ago

    Love it!

  • Donky Kong 1 year ago

    call ice <
    866- 347-2423
    Report Crimes, Suspicious Activity and Suspected Child Exploitation of Missing Children


  • Daniel 1 year ago

    Way to go, ICE

  • Non ya 1 year ago

    Build the wall, end DACA and deport all illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants welcome but must speak fluent English, have a needed skill set and be willing to assimilate with Western cultures and values.

  • SilverlonewolfX 1 year ago

    Took my parents almost 11 years to become American citizens. And these assholes want to raid the U.S. SMH

  • 5winder 1 year ago

    Seize all the property being used to harbor, aid and abet the illegals and use it for homeless housing. Put all the (12 million +) illegals to work on the wall.

  • Lauren Smith 1 year ago

    If You keep puting "Chicanos" Mexico/Americans working at the border we will continue having all these illegals from Mexico and Latin America.

  • A. Whiteman 1 year ago

    How can I report illegal activity?   Call 1-800-BE-ALERT
    Illegal Aliens: If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (1-866-347-2423)

  • waterbug85 1 year ago

    My opinion: Yes, I fully support the POTUS & the US Border Patrol. So happy Pres. Trump is living up to his campaign promises.

  • Marlin Romanoff 1 year ago


  • SWAMP DRAINER 1 year ago

    kudos US border patrol ICE and all law enforcement upholding the US Constitution ! and of course good job gent on reporting this

  • Marc Baker 1 year ago

    harboring illegals is a crime lock them up lock them up

  • Paula Daly 1 year ago

    Seems to me, they wouldn't need a search warrant for this. Just Get'em out.. Follow ICE and Border Potrol in Twitter and please thank them.

  • Gemma 1 year ago

    The brainwashed Liberals are traitors. They are a disease in America. Their eyes and ears are so glazed over with the lies of the Elites a foreign government could confiscate their homes in the name of global warming and they'd thank them for saving the planet and then turn your house over to the Nazi's too. Liberals aren't just nuts they've completely lost touch with reality let alone common sense and they are dangerous!

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