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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote An easy way to make a portable container garden for herbs and vegetables using materials that would otherwise go in the trash. Great for patios, backyards, b… Finished harvesting buckets of potatoes. Barrels next. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    I hope to give some updates on the progress of the container gardens. I’ve planted two different containers? now and hoping for he best. 🙂

  • nailswithyvette 7 years ago

    Great ideal, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to doing this this year and to see an updated video? on how yours worked out for ya.

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    Makes perfect sense. Nice thing about gardening is you can try a lot of different things in a season.? If it works keep it, if it don’t pitch it. 🙂 Yep, I’m in Michigan. Thanks!

  • truthdefender54 7 years ago

    59 years old and loving new ideas.
    Simple formula for plants; roots love water but hate being soggy, figure out the right sunlight needs for you plants, don’t over feed, don’t under feed…let worms do most of your soil tilling, and never believe anyone who says it can’t be done. One other thing, there’s no such thing as TOO MUCH organic material.
    MiWilderness has to mean you’re in Michigan….keep up? the good work and try anything at least once if it makes a tiny bit of sense. 🙂

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    Man, it’s snowing here today and in the low? 30’s. I had my plants out yesterday getting some fresh air and hardening them off a bit. If I put them out today they’d be hard, frozen that is. lol

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    Thanks, yeah, I try to avoid buying stuff if at all possible. Doesn’t always work though, sometimes I have to break out the? billfold. LOL

  • readyinthehills 7 years ago

    LOL,? You still have that barrel to fall back on, We are under a freeze warning here, Last night, Tonight, And tommorrow night, I haven’t even open anything up since last Thursday, 6 day’s, But I don’t want anything to loose the heat it builds during the day. I maybe totally wrong with my thought, LOL. good thing if it all dies I have time to replant.

  • judomoose00 7 years ago

    Love the fact? that you don’t go out and buy the latest greatest items. We all need to learn to use what we have lying about. Keep up the good work!

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    That’s right! Free is the only way I can go. I’ve got too much in lights, seeds, and seed trays to do anything else.? 🙂

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    Thanks! :)?

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    Once the plants get going I’ll probably mulch it with straw or something. I’m hoping it will hold moisture as that’s usually the problem I have with container gardens, they just require? too much water.

  • Kevin Ballmer 7 years ago

    Love your? video’s man!

  • EarthToolz 7 years ago

    Thanks for the reply to my comment. It looks like it? will hold plenty of water. If it dont maybe you use moss.

  • readyinthehills 7 years ago

    Shoot Brother, It all works the same in the? end, The best thing it was free.

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago


  • Lois Laney 7 years ago

    Great Idea!!?

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    You’re? welcome!

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    Thank you,? And God Bless too.

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago


  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    The handles definitely help. Thanks! ?

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    That? would have been a good idea. I was a bit concerned about using the big rocks, but think over time the garden soil will settle and fill in the cracks without plugging up the holes. It’s a pretty coarse soil with lots of gravel in it.

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    Hopefully it works for the? herbs I’m intending to plant in it.

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    throw it on your back and off to the woods you go. 🙂 It’s a bit heavy now, but can still? be drug around the yard to get more sun and such.

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    We’re hoping? to have fresh herbs because it is nice using fresh.

  • MiWilderness 7 years ago

    I’ve seen you find good uses for things like this too. Thanks? Geza.

  • rguilbault22 7 years ago

    Yes? that is exactly what I did.

  • MrFlyTWA 7 years ago

    Did you plant the potato low in bucket with little soil and add compost/soil? as it grew?

  • babylontorch 7 years ago

    Your Bucket grow 2 potatoes! So I? water the plant after 6 month of waiting and get 2 fuckin tiny potatoes ? 😀

  • SuperMeat83 7 years ago

    You don’t need to use an entire potato for your seed. Cut one potato into chunks, as long as there are eyes left on? the potato piece then you should get a potato plant.

  • TheSkaters1631 7 years ago

    What? did you use for fertilizer?

  • BLaiaiprincess 7 years ago

    after watching your video i can’t wait to get started on growing my own potatoes! really exciting? to see how much you can get from one seed potato!

  • nery704 7 years ago

    en canto tiempo? fue la cosecha, gracias

  • AnotherAmateur 7 years ago

    Very nice. I used to plant red potatoes in an unused part of our property. Just a 18 x 24 inch plot gave us 5 -7 lbs of potatoes twice per year. Last summer I built a small raised bed at that spot and I have a new crop of very happy potatoes growing there now. Should harvest them in a couple of months. I’ll update my video? then. Thanks for the bucket idea!

  • AnotherAmateur 7 years ago

    Potatoes like cool weather. If you plant red potatoes in Feb. you should get a harvest in June or early July. I grow them in? a corner of our back yard. Hope you’ll take a look at how I do it sometime.

  • oharanetworks 7 years ago

    Nice job on the video! DIFFERENT!

    The Green Gardener has subscribed to? your channel!

  • DJMovit 7 years ago

    Have you planted more since this video? I might? have missed one as I scrolled thru the list of video’s you posted

  • summertimef1 7 years ago

    very nice? congrats good stuff

  • flamedrag18 7 years ago

    you can put up to 3-4 seeds per bucket and still be successful. increasing the number of seeds will help you to increase your weight per bucket.?

  • Paula Anne G 7 years ago

    I enjoyed? watching you harvest the potatoes. Thanks for sharing.

  • nursenurse09 7 years ago

    Is there another step after the potatoes are harvested? I live in the deep south so when is the? best time to start the growing process? Thank you for asnwering my questions

  • robmelnoahzane 7 years ago

    @bill51bill Unsubscribe.?

  • Bill Howard 7 years ago

    muzzle? the kid

  • docwilkey 7 years ago

    I liked your video. This is the first year for us growing potatoes in buckets and it has done well so far. We do all our crops in buckets here and at this time we have over 50 buckets in our garden with everything? from beans to tobacco.

  • alan30189 7 years ago

    Not bad, but I think those buckets get too hot for potatoes to grow as well and produce as well as they could, unless you pack straw or something around the entire bucket? to keep the heat down. If there was more space those smaller potatoes might have gotten bigger. They seem to lack moisture as well. Maybe you let them dry out before harvest.??

  • eveny119 7 years ago

    Im going to try bucket potatoes this year, I liked that you said there were no potatoes below the seed potato. Im going to start deep then.
    Have to tried a “lighter” soil? mix? Yours looked heavy and a bit hard. I didn’t see the beginning of your videos yet. Im going to add peat to compost and perlite.

  • HalalFactor 7 years ago

    can it be harvested without destroying the plant? I am a complete noob so I was hoping you could answer that for me.? thanks.

  • HalalFactor 7 years ago

    I’m starting to plant my first ever potato plant indoors and was curious,? when harvesting is the plant destroyed?

  • Joan Ols 7 years ago

    You should interact with your son and get him involved and say boy man things to him, not? leave him out in the cold. This isn’t rocket science.

  • Joan Ols 7 years ago

    How long were? the potatoes in the buckets? From when to when?