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  • Peter Nadreau 6 years ago

    Very beautiful place. I think I would’ve been checking out the Jurassic
    part of it more than the butterflies though.

  • lenainsuburbia 6 years ago

    That water looks gorgeous. If I were there I might jump in lol such
    gorgeous scenery. You did a great job filming it all 🙂

  • MartheevManor 6 years ago

    @lenainsuburbia Thanks! Glad you like it! It’s always a nice place to visit
    and I’m glad I finally got to take my subs there. 🙂

  • MartheevManor 6 years ago

    @cheekychickenhead Oh and no, I didn’t get my face painted. Thought about
    it though. XD

  • cheekychickenhead 6 years ago

    Ceropia sounds like a good name for a Sci Fi film. Did you get your arm or
    face painted? : P That butterfly farm was so lovely. Thanks for taken me
    along to the butterfly farm that was really cool. Gee there were a lot of
    people there.

  • MartheevManor 6 years ago

    @PampersPete It’s always nice out there no matter what they have set up.
    They had tree houses out there at one point which were pretty cool. Only
    got to see one of them though. I seem to remember we got there late or the
    day after the event was over of something and it was the only one left set

  • MartheevManor 6 years ago

    @cheekychickenhead LOL! I’m sure someone in Hollywood has ‘Ceropia’ in the
    works. XD You are welcomed. It was a good time and a pretty place. Wish I
    would’ve had a better choice of thumbnails. :/

  • MartheevManor 6 years ago

    @SharPeiMuttOwner There were quite a few. Hard to catch on camera though! XD