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  • pIants2010 7 years ago

    Yes and a? green manure crop

  • misipi39 7 years ago

    are you plowing in? leaves?

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    sweet, mine right now is 37×25 and I think I’m gonna? try and make it a 50×50 for next year….. oh what Im gonna grow ha ha

  • pIants2010 7 years ago

    Whats shown in the video isnt the whole garden. But its something like? 45ft wide by 55 ft long

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    how big is? that garden?

  • Nashcountryboy 7 years ago

    I? meant at 1:10

  • Tyler Betker 7 years ago

    wish i could have a garden like yours ?

  • Nashcountryboy 7 years ago

    at? 5:18 I thought that bird was going to get squished! LOL. Nice video!

  • StatenIslandSlim 7 years ago

    LOL that Chicken? has a death wish. Nice update