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  • leon bgc 4 months ago

    it may cook up good and taste excellent and be just as good as when it was canned but what about the nutritional value of it ? it may be just as good as the day it was new or you may be eating something that is nutritional as cardboard . but long term it can not be over looked or valued

  • Val Secrease 4 months ago

    Great video!! I love that your husband supports you! I have also found that the powders in the bottom of the jar get pretty doggone hard! Your minestrone looked good…I have some since 2012 as well and think we may have that for dinner tonight! Thanks.

  • Toget Apps 4 months ago

    Rice noodles also take less time to cook.

  • Suzy Cowan 4 months ago

    I really want to learn how to put recipes together for meals in a jar, where can I go to find some really good recipes like your Minestrone Soup in a jar? Thank you for all the tips on dehydrating. I wish I had the 9 or 10 tray dehydrator, my wonderful husband bought me the 4 tray and I love it, but cannot do as much as I want to.

  • Molly Joy 4 months ago

    Awesome content! I LOVE this channel!

  • NothingToNoOneInParticular 4 months ago

    Desert looks lovely but too hot for this chick. Lol

  • Rayne Chantel 4 months ago

    Great stuff. I lived in AZ for a long time – a long time ago! LOL Are those the Superstitions behind you? oh you just answered me! I should have been more patient. 🙂

  • Shari Mason 4 months ago

    You'd love it here in Australia. And I love the look of Arizona!! We're getting to the end of summer. But here where we are (about 3 hrs west of Brisbane) it'll be warm for quite a while into Autumn too. Great video!!

  • pam t 4 months ago

    Kind of new to the channel so haven't been able to watch all your videos yet. What do you think or anyone else about Augason Farms tomato powder? Thanks for a great video and info!!

  • PREPFORIT 4 months ago

    Great Video.  I would rather transport/ carry a few Mason Jars. rather than Mylar.  Mainly because  Glass jars have a Hundred more uses after their original contents are all gone.    Especially enroute to my Secret Bug Out Location.

  • Gibsongirl 4 months ago

    What a lovely video! So nice to see your family enjoying life! Amen to that! God bless! Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate your video's bc you are practical and use your food storage. It isn't hoarding and's normal like our grandparent's did. They preserved foods and prepared them which was normal back then. It wasn't normal NOT to! Have a great day!

  • Cheril Cooper 4 months ago

    Hey OC pour some hot water in that jar and dissolve that hard mess! But really thank you for telling us to put the tomato powder on top.. I probably would have put it in the bottom also.. Great video!

  • Randy Simonson 4 months ago

    That's awesome! We went over 4 peaks a few months back. very nice ride. Let us know next time you head out and we will take the RZR out and bring some of our canned food. We can do a desert prep lunch hahaha.

  • Denise Donaldson 4 months ago

    I HAVE to do these meals in a jar!!!!

  • Stephanie 4 months ago

    Also, Lori has some wonderful older videos for meals in a jar. I've watched all of her videos. I'm now addicted to Montreal Steak Seasoning. LOL!!

  • Stephanie 4 months ago

    I have The Meals in a Jar Handbook: Gourmet Food Storage Made Easy…AKA, Chef Tess. Found her on Honeyville's site years ago. There are many books on Amazon, recipes online and Pinterest.

  • Jenny Hackenberg 4 months ago

    gonna have to do some meals in a jar. where do I find recipes for them.

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