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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Travel from the desert to the slopes with Nicholas D. Lowry’s appraisal of a C. Peet Sun Valley poster maquette, ca. 1945 at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ. Desert Botanical Garden, Hour 2 airs Monday, March 30 at 8/7C PM on PBS. Watch full-length episodes of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW at To be the first to know about all our broadcast and tour info, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest at @RoadshowPBS! Video Rating: / 5


  • Adam Fears 9 months ago

    This guys a real tool bag

  • Jackie Chapman 9 months ago

    She thinks she knows it all LMAO!!! She definitely thought it was worth more than his estimate and probably sold it within a month of this show lol…

  • roberto armstrong 9 months ago

    This is an insult to the sun valley poster collector community

  • George Cook 9 months ago

    Well done! Interesting owner story and great information (and suit) from Mr. Lowry!

  • Charlene Hottel 9 months ago

    Creighton Peet was a children's author and illustrated some of his own books. Later rather than illustrating, he used photography. He and his wife were avid skiers.

  • drobinow 9 months ago

    In addition to having bad taste in suits, he can’t spell Creighton.

  • Rob Bernath 9 months ago

    Somebody did tell this woman the Roadshow appraisers are NOT making offers to buy your items at the value given, right? In her case, obviously not…

  • Mark Landgraf 9 months ago

    That suit absolutely makes my day!

  • mlouwagie 9 months ago

    lOOk girl with bikini …that announcer is numero'macho

  • The Brain 9 months ago

    The most interesting part of this excerpt is the Plaid suit…..was expecting him to say the poster was worth $!

  • I think that estimate is low. any Quality art of that size from the 1940s would be worth at least 3,000.00.

  • P Wilson 9 months ago

    When I saw the thumbnail, I had to watch. I thought the guy was wearing a leisure suit but alas, he has removed the cover of a couch and turned it into a suit.

  • Jason Smith 9 months ago

    She was expecting it to be worth a lot more

  • Kevin Hickman 9 months ago

    There was a Disney illustrator and story writer named Creighton Peet.

  • Jos Kirin 9 months ago

    who buys this crap?

  • DKGifford19608 9 months ago

    Surprising low considering how much money hangs about Sun Valley.

  • COO Bay 9 months ago

    Where did he buy that suit!

  • Margaret Sen 9 months ago

    He put that lady in her place. She thought she knew more than him.

  • biggreenmachine2007 9 months ago

    Dat suit tho…

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