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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Proline Racing may have just taken a dive into the RC crawler industry by creating a mini 4×4 scale trail truck! This is the 1/25 scale Ambush micro crawler, named after Prolines very first crawling body ,the Ambush. Now don’t let the size of this rig turn you away into thinking that it cant compete against any other micro crawler out their currently. The quality of this truck is certainly unbelievable in a truck this size! However before we get into tackling any sort of obstacle that we can find, lets do a little Overview and see what this truck is really all about! Don’t forget to save 10% at Proline racing using the coupon code RCOVERLOAD10 at check out to save your self 10% on anything proline racing. Head over to to see more about this truck – Or Head over to to see more about the Ambush – Don’t Forget to Comment, Like & Subscribe! -ASIATEES – * Your #1 Source For RC Hobby Products – -PRECISION RC GRAPHICS- *Custom Stickers & Scale Accessories – COUPON CODES – Get 10% Off at ProLine (Coupon Code – RCOVERLOAD10) – Get 5% Off at (Coupon Code – RCOoverload5) – Get 10% Off at (Coupon Code – RCOVERLOAD10) – -RC OVERLOAD INFORMATION – *Website & Forum- *T-Shirts And Sweatshirt’s – *Facebook – *Twitter – *Instagram – © RC Overload, All Rights Reserved. RC Overload is not responsible for your “own” actions with your radio controlled vehicles that is or was performed by yourself or anyone else. …….The original Facebook link may or may not be broken, according to some viewers. However if you have found it does not […]


  • Will Cooper 1 year ago

    Review starts @ 2:00

  • TD-us 1 year ago

    I actually like it!

  • TopChef R/C Studio 1 year ago

    Hey man I've been checking out a few of your reviews on micro crawlers. Like the videos definitely subscribed, but I wanted to know how the ambush and gelande 2 compare to one another.?

  • Daon3nug 1 year ago

    you should do a gelande vs ambush video. show the ups and downs of both crawlers

  • Carlos Vreal 1 year ago

    looks like they copied a losi micro a bit

  • Gera Zamora 1 year ago

    was thinking about kyosho. but i like this better.

  • Zachary Richards 1 year ago

    Yo you live in Massachusetts?

  • Smokin' Quads 1 year ago

    hi there, i'm looking for a micro crawler for indoor fun but i can't decide on the ambush, the devastator or the gelande 1/18. do you prefer one over the other? i know there is a big price difference between the hbx 2098b devastator and the proline & the rc4wd but i don't mind paying more if its worth it. the hbx looks like it might have more power and the 4 wheel steering is just too cool, but i love detail in the other two rigs. thanks a million and Happy new year!

  • Scott RC 1 year ago

    Do you think Axial will bring out a micro crawler now that ProLine and Rc4wd have one and Axial has the mini axle from their mini yeti?

  • iceplanetRC 1 year ago

    Proline should make a vehicle similar to the erevo and the summit.

  • rcairforceone 1 year ago

    I'm interested to see how the body compares to other 1-24/25th scale model bodies. Got any in your stash?

  • RakinBill 1 year ago

    Looks like a pretty solid rig. I like the Military style axles with the top load gearing. I'm going to have to invest in one. And they are priced pretty good too.

  • Ashok Patel 1 year ago

    Eh can u maybe put a small rc4wd winch on that

  • Devin Keller 1 year ago

    Can you use any of the trail Trekker parts? Or mini rock crawler parts? Like wheels and rims? Or motors or shocks?
    Are the hubs 7mm hex like a Trekker

  • SHAYEN 2320 1 year ago

    Studio is looking good, and liking that RC it's perfect for those smaller spaces and for indoors fun. Thanks for sharing your unboxing 2 thumbs up.

  • DOrtw 1 year ago

    Hi Matt, another fine vid ! We appreciate your work.. Great light & sound now – keep on…..! Greetings from Germany, Norik & Dirk

  • CodesEmpire 1 year ago

    Great unboxing on this little truck! Looks really cool! That is nice with the different speed selections. Thumbs up Matt!

  • Cooldibs 1 year ago

    Lol that's awesome!

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