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  • Daniel Fisch 3 months ago

    Great job, I like the metal frame better than the PVC frame we did. Thank you for sharing and I’ll be going with metal once our frame falls apart.

  • Andrew Jackson 3 months ago

    Im doing the same thing now on my in ground winter garden

  • Tahj Barnes 3 months ago

    you deserve way more subscribers

  • Why dont you use tent stakes with a hook over? Put it in the abc in the block and let the hook sit around the galvanised steel off piece, or fit an eye into the bird netting to allow the hook to hold it in place? You could bend the off pieces into that style stake if you wanted to I believe.

    Either way its looking good for the beds, hopefully enough space for insects like the be to get in and out. Another surface for precipitation in the morning and evenings as well.

  • Susan Chandler 3 months ago

    great idea

  • Bill Stout 3 months ago

    I used 3/4 inch EMT pipe along with products from MakerPipe ( ) to build a large protected enclosure with two raised beds. It is fully protected with bird netting and a shade cloth across the top. Access is through a door at one end also made of EMT pipe and covered with bird netting.

  • Tara Haugo 3 months ago

    Excellent birds have given my garden a hard time in Sun city West but I’m not farming your planters are a major undertaking they should yield plenty I just do it for pleasure a a hobbie but still I take it serious it’s expensive and birds are very destructive they have put me thru the ringer lately

  • Another great video. So the scraps the you are using for weights. Maybe fill them with sand or cement and crimp the ends.

  • Mark Waddey 3 months ago

    I dont think you will have any trouble with the emt blowing down. If you do, birds will be the least of your problems.

  • Pamela Mercado 3 months ago

    I've used bird netting before I didn't really like my set up I used pvc the monsoon came in and blew it all down and away I really do like your setup thanks for sharing your I deal with us

  • lifgrenj 3 months ago

    If it turns out you do need more weight to hold down your bird netting, you could cut some lengths of rebar and slide them into the EMT conduit.

  • Mama Kim 3 months ago


  • sdraper2011 3 months ago

    Clever! I love it.

  • Garden of The Geeks 3 months ago

    Wowo so simple i am kicking myself for not thinking of it! This is why 2 heads are better than one!

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