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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Growing Tropical Hibiscus is a rewarding and exciting process. Learn how to grow these fancy, dramatic dinner-plate sized flowers with the right cultural care. Full sun, and high light levels are crucial for successful flowering as well as the right amount of water and feed. All this revealed in our latest instructional video with horticulturist, Byron Martin. Learn more at See all of our Hibiscus- Video Rating: / 5


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  • Rachel Walton 1 month ago

    'The Path' is absolutely stunning.

  • dev bachu 1 month ago

    Nice guy live it

  • Dee LeFave 1 month ago

    Should I cut off blooms after they flower and remove yellow leaves

  • MrTimjwilson 1 month ago

    Do you grow any of the hibiscus trees? It is difficult to find information about them.

  • Glyni Cumming 1 month ago

    Thank you, informative, interesting, and an easy manner of delivery.

  • Branda SAR 1 month ago

    Is it ok to prune it n the summer

  • D Boyes 1 month ago

    Do you cut off dead blooms or let them fall off themselves?

  • Nishanthini Senathirajah 1 month ago

    Useful video thank you hibiscus plant’s doesn’t have buds no blooming what can I do

  • Jaya Paddy 1 month ago

    Thank you, I live on the tropical coast of Kerala, India .We have a day temp between 26 – 32 degree celcius from Nov to Feb, Do you think I should prune my Hibiscus now? oh and I must mention that some of the leaves are turning yellow.

  • Got’cha 1 month ago

    Rum runner is nice blooms really dark and lightens in color as the day goes by. If you don’t pay attention you might think you have two different plants haha

  • Crystal Huynh 1 month ago

    I order some plans from here and love.

  • Marlin Pickens 1 month ago

    Such a good explanation and very clear , love these types of videos. Thanks for creating this.

  • Ja savari Raj 1 month ago


  • Push Siva 1 month ago

    thank you excellent presentation

  • Asif Ajmeri 1 month ago

    thankyouso much more

  • Informative video, thanks. Your plants grow well in a flower pot . I grow hibiscus plants too, the flowers are very beautiful.

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