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  • ladiepik23 4 years ago


  • Aaron PH 4 years ago


  • danny martin 4 years ago

    ET EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • Macoy Tan 4 years ago


  • adam scammell 4 years ago

    Bundy boy…u are correct..ur through to the final

  • adam scammell 4 years ago


  • livingthelifewithjazzy 4 years ago


  • Noah C 4 years ago

    it's a kids toys

  • Noah C 4 years ago


  • Elizabeth Gaspodnetich 4 years ago

    It would be easy to put some in a jar and take them to some of the Universities around Arizona and maybe a lab or two. With a little digging it wouldn't be a problem finding out what they are. Pretty freaking weird though!!

  • Cherry Carcas 4 years ago

    The deal—Up and down that stretch of road a guy who drives a van for a flower /event/ delivery service goes to and from his workplace. Those beads are pot in vases of flowers to make them look prettier. They start as small hard beads but the water makes them grow. When the flowers die, go bad or are returned for some reason, like wrong bead color was chosen, he stopped, poured out the vases with the beads there and refilled them with a different color, and added flowers back for resell.

  • Kenaih Caballero 4 years ago


  • TripleM 4 years ago

    blonde chick be killing it she's the only smart one

  • Colleen Peterson 4 years ago

    there orbeez

  • Dave Mallari 4 years ago

    Until some fellow asian went there and threw his/her bubble tea balls xD

  • Adrian Chairez 4 years ago

    Pokemon eggs. Duh

  • kylelarsone 4 years ago

    They aren't Orbeez. That would take just as much time to do as collecting a thousand purple m&m's and just dumping them. Orbeez come in different colors, not just one color. I would go with somebody pulled over in that spot and kicked something out of the car on accident or dumped it there. You can tell that spot is pretty worn down already by traffic.

  • Adriana Balanta 4 years ago

    btw im a fucking 10year old kid mother fucker you guys piss me off

  • Adriana Balanta 4 years ago

    WTF you dum ass Aliens will not live there kids on this planet with stupid people like us you wasted you're time on bull shit!

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