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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This video is about Full Time RV Living and Quartzsite AZ… RV Dealers…Around Town… Desert Gardens… RVerTV Quick look around the big Q on December 30th 2015 Bird Creek “Highway Wildflowers” You Tube Audio Library Thanks for watching RVerTV

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  • Bill Long 4 years ago

    Watching this series on Quartzite is interesting. Yeah, last week you were the only one on the roads. I imagine next week there will be traffic jams. My younger brother got on a rock kick on our first trip to AZ and took home nearly 100 pounds of rocks and then got a tumbler and ran a batch. Getting that many rocks through airport security in a carry on bag was fun. Well that is where it pretty much ended but I bet he still has those rocks.?

  • CampingwiththeKelly's 4 years ago

    Thanks for the info Russ, and we love your channel.?

  • CampingwiththeKelly's 4 years ago

    We was wondering if they allow food and drink vendors during these shows???

  • David Massey 4 years ago

    Nice video work.. Thanks ..David

  • Tom Timmerman 4 years ago

    hey Russ new subscriber here enjoy your channel. I'm frozen here in my sticks and bricks in Nebraska and would enjoy a short little weather report of what it's like in Quartzsite.?

  • JOHNNY EXPLORES 4 years ago

    ty for

  • Terry Holliday 4 years ago

    Happy New Year Russ, where do you fill up with fresh water and dump your tanks if you are boon docking in Quartzsite.?

  • terry3193 4 years ago

    Hey Russ, great video. As a subscriber, I've watched all of your videos and I think this series on Quartzite is interesting. My wife and I might want to come out and check it out next year but we would probably fly out to Phoenix and then drive out, spend a few days. What time frame would you recommend to hit the peak of activity? Also, if we did rent a RV, can we just show up and rent a spot in a RV park or would we need. Reservations? It looks like it would be fun to hangout for a few days. Thanks for your help and thanks for sharing!?