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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Having fun on Saturday morning, my friend AKA (my sister in-law) Need it to redo her front yard. We took on the task! We had a lot of fun and the results were fantastic. I hope you guys enjoy this. Quick Easy BACKYARD Landscape Facelift Under 0. // Soil/ Flowers/ Lights Have a blessed day! Garden LOVE ————————————————–How to Contact me————————————————————————- For business and Sponsorship please contact: Follow me on Instagram! @Garden_Love03. Join me on Facebook My other YouTube Channel (if you speak Spanish and what to know me a little better) Consider Subscribe Diana Y Sus Passiones +++++++++++++++++++++++++Want to support This Channel++++++++++++++++++++++++ Subscribe Like Share ““`AMAZON SHOP““` (You can find All mention products on this link) I try my best to take care of my skin and Ronal Fields has made it easy. I love their product and would to share them with you. Click on my link for a two minute consultation you, can take so we can be sure to get her the right products! Let me know if you have any questions.… __________________________Other Videos you might Like _______________________________________ Backyard Urban Edible Garden Tour Spring 2019 // Food Forest / Container Gardening Frontyard Urban Edible Garden Tour / Food Forest Containers Gardening Quick Easy Front Yard Landscape under 0. Spill Over Flower Pot Growing Loquat in a Container / Repotting My Loquat! Story about what I’ve learn about my Loquat Topiary tutorial (DIY) from a Rosemary plant/ in or outdoor plant How to Behead and Propagate a Echevias or any succulent June Harvest 2018 peaches, grapefruit, blueberries, kumquats, chamomile, apples, strawberry, mint + Succulent Tips / What to look for when Buying succulents Cloning A Pink Eureka Lemon using the IV Organic Air-Layering Method Let’s talk LOQUAT ( […]


  • Garden love 11 months ago

    Thank you, next time I will show the receipts. The most expansive flower was the 2 lavendar $25 each. $20 sure start from eb stone, $20 on the pot, approximately $20. On the amendment soil, $20 on the mulch (sale 4 bags for $10.00) and the rest on the flowers.

  • Sonny Wilson 11 months ago

    Fantastic job guys looks great

  • Love & Peace 11 months ago

    very nice. love your flower pot

  • Glenda Ruff 11 months ago

    Very nice.

  • Georgia Bob 11 months ago

    I don't understand why some are focused on the rain washing up the wood chips. Regular lawn maintenance is required for any good looking/healthy lawn. Like, "oh don't grow grass because when it rains the grass will grow", lol. Just cut the grass!

    You created a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing this fides with us!

  • Georgia Bob 11 months ago

    BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Bina's World 11 months ago


  • Maria Gomez 11 months ago

    Beautiful work!!!!

  • Chiffon Winfrey 11 months ago

    Wow it looks beautiful

  • Angela Winston 11 months ago

    Great video! this looks beautiful

  • Charlotte Clark 11 months ago

    Great job absolutely beautiful but next time can you slow it down and allow us to get an in depth look at the transformation!!!

  • princessjohnson817 11 months ago

    I wish you would have added step by step what u were adding

  • Little Jordan Farm 11 months ago

    Beautiful. .Blessings happy gardening

  • Luz Verdecia 11 months ago

    It looks nice but if there is a strong rain the wood chips might slip away unless you secure the bottom part.

  • Trooper Burgess 11 months ago


  • Voiceov Reason 11 months ago

    Music is super annoying even if the end result was pretty

  • Julia Feliciano 11 months ago

    It looks beautiful and I subscribed to see more videos

  • Ibis Alvira 11 months ago

    Before and after pics .please like to see it after a few months

  • Alan Lepage 11 months ago

    At the beginning you were working while wearing flip-flops. Next time pls wear shoes for your own safety. Choice of plants were great. Nice job.

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