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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] 🛒 My merch: r/Tifu In today’s video, OP makes a terrible mistakes and gets out of a car without telling her boyfriend. Her clueless boyfriend drives off, leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere in Arizona with no food, no phone, and no money. She tries to get help but she still can’t get in touch with her boyfriend to come back and get her. Find out what happens in this r/Tifu! 💗 Support Me: 😱 r/TIFU I Accidentally Gave Away My ,000 Bitcoin! 😱 🔔 Subscribe! 👍 Like this video if you want to see more! 💬 Join my Discord: 🐦 Follow me on Twitter: 🔊 Listen to my Podcasts: 🎧 My Podcasts on Spotify: #reddit #tifu #funnyredditposts Credit 0:06, Canijustgetawaffle, 3:20, duckfluff101, 7:17, dyslexiyeah, 10:29, EatBroccoliNotBooty, 11:56, femboyfatale123, 13:34, Jakallax, “Sneaky Snitch” Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC By Attribution 3.0 Video Rating: / 5


  • rSlash 6 months ago

    "TIFU by not liking one of rslash's videos"

  • Lord Shelly 6 months ago

    The story about the a engagement ring sounds so frickin similar to one of my old teacher’s daughters

  • Patric Gmuer 6 months ago

    The gas employees had to loiter their customers to borrow their phone to call 911

  • Ethan 6 months ago

    The people at the gas station are awful people

  • Monkey Nub Gaming 6 months ago

    I am currently full on honking Sarah's left homgolongononologoungus

  • THE LORD OF BO2 6 months ago

    TIFU by looking under my bed at night.

  • DAMM gaming 6 months ago

    i yanked a widows tiddy

  • Maestrofeli 6 months ago

    wtf how do you not notice that your gf is not in the car with you?

  • Inks Hermit 6 months ago

    Damn this was juicy!

  • _shahriar_shiham 6 months ago

    First one is literally an anime plot

  • zimnomel 6 months ago

    7:16 Plot twist: the wedding ring wasn't for her.

  • Andy B 6 months ago

    I slept funny on my arm one time. Took about five weeks for me to be able to lift anything with my left arm and hold it there. I couldn't even carry a coffee up the stairs :-(.

  • Konrad S 6 months ago

    sSlash today you Fed up… Look at the ending of the gay TIFU… You forgot about the dick…

  • nick garner 6 months ago

    Well it's pretty simple, don't be a gay thot.

  • Catherina Lössl 6 months ago

    I love the second one, THAT is a healthy relationship

  • Andrew Morris 6 months ago

    5:50 that is a great punishment. Just suspense. That's my favorite kind of prank. The other person just gets so paranoid.

  • Vanilla Quesadilla 6 months ago

    DAAAAYYUUM he FU now he has to deal w/ this 4 the rest of his life

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