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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Grow a garden that won’t need irrigation or fertilization. An excellent permaculture staple. Lots of wood buried with soil. Includes discussion of types of woods and the acidic and allelopathic stuff of conifers. Filmed in missoula montana. Music by Jimmy Pardo

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  • morjulies 7 years ago

    yeah! would love to? see it!

  • morjulies 7 years ago

    I would love to see? pictures this spring!! 🙂

  • paulwheaton12 7 years ago

    Check the forums at permies. We have at least two threads talking about which woods are good? and which are not so good. The discussion is long and rich.

  • samirbalonmano 7 years ago

    What sort of wood is good for hugelkulture or raised beds, and what type of wood to avoid, for example if pine is good or? bad, or oak is good or bad for it?
    Thank you!

  • GrowParadise 7 years ago

    any photos or updates from this planting? awesome ?

  • GrowParadise 7 years ago

    yeah paul its really soothing….”all the time” lol I love that – its like a? nice exhalation

  • borja borjae 7 years ago

    As Paul said, railroad ties are toxic, they are impregnated in creosote, wich is carcinogenic by touch or by breathing near it. Some garden centers sell these ties for gardening, DON’T BUY THEM! you will regret it in the long run. Greetings from Basque ? Country and apologies for my lowsy english.

  • Kevin Zuhlke 7 years ago

    how? did this turn out

  • Thay Ray 7 years ago

    Damn, never heard of? anything like this before.

  • UncleFexxer 7 years ago

    Try? saying THAT three times fast…

  • paulwheaton12 7 years ago

    No. Railroad? ties are caked in toxic gick.

  • Zee Ter 7 years ago

    wondering if they could? use railroad ties instead of bulky tree stumps?

  • Martin Pelletier 7 years ago

    when they took out by machine all the spruce they cut on my woodlot, they bury a lot of branch and trees in the soil( almost pure sand) after two years their is between 1 foot and 2 feet of black soil with? a lot of organic matters in it. I figure in one or two years their will be only rich earth at this place.

  • spearfishies 7 years ago

    Stop DoC and the so called Animal Health Board (AHB) from spreading 1080 poison over our forests, streams and? waterways.
    See the results at:

  • Bruce McMicking 7 years ago

    Since my initial posting I? planted cedar trees and buried kindling around the root balls. I am hoping that the roots will grow between them and the wood will break down before they get too much in the way. I also put cedar mulch around the trees so there may be no way of knowing whence came any benefit.

  • Jefferdaughter 7 years ago

    I’m not an expert on this technique, but planting burying logs in the soilm around existing trees seems? like it may be far more disruptive to the roots & soil web like beneficial soil fungi. If you try it, please share the results.

  • Uncle Rice 7 years ago

    Hmm, I built something smaller than this and? someone was quite sure I used too much wood. I’m using less wood than you are.

  • paulwheaton12 7 years ago

    don’t use? cedar in the hugelkultur. it doesn’t have to be raised, but there are other perks.

  • Bruce McMicking 7 years ago

    Why does it have to be? a raised bed or mound? I was thinking about burying some logs under and around my cedar trees to give them a constant source of moisture. Any thoughts?

  • paulwheaton12 7 years ago

    I used to be the voice for station ID and stuff for KEOL! Apparently they used my voice? for many years. Not sure if they still do.

  • rockkong1 7 years ago

    Meine Bew

  • Scott Baker 7 years ago

    Have? you done any professional voice work? Your voice is amazing.

  • Duckyistrippin 7 years ago

    thats? why they plant grass on piles of dirt…so they wont blow away.

  • Timothy Dundon 7 years ago

    Cotton? Wood . . . contains sufficient nitrogen . . . surrounding nitrogen leaching is somewhat minimized.

  • paulwheaton12 7 years ago

    you might wanna check the full article at and the forums at In? a nutshell, plant the soil immediately – the roots will hold the soil.