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  • Michele Romero 7 years ago

    Thanks? for sharing your beautiful garden and harvest.

  • tigertruckerman 7 years ago

    wow? great setup

  • dubargd 7 years ago

    nice? harvest.

  • glennforstner 7 years ago

    I usually start by keeping up with removing the suckers, but when the plant starts to really grow fast, it usually gets away from me and I just live with it. I plant new plants each year but also get plants from seed from the fruit that has fallen to the ground before, I leave some of them to add to my? harvest.

  • LaurenSarasua 7 years ago

    I love yellow pear tomatoes! I have 3 plants? I grew from seed! Do you pinch off the suckers or just let them grow? I want mine to look like yours! Your plants look great!

  • glennforstner 7 years ago

    I? just cultivate and weed as I have time, it is pretty easy since I can reach everywhere and the soil is soft. I have not had any real bug problems as of yet.

  • lebouefgraphics 7 years ago

    Great beds!!!!!! What do you do about weeds/bugs???

  • 88dillonzo 7 years ago

    Is? that a Mesquite tree I see growing on your property? I ask because I am told that they are a fast-growing shade tree. Are there any fruit trees that grow well in the desert?

  • glennforstner 7 years ago

    I can cultivate around the plants while growing, adding more mulch during the hotter months to help keep the soil cooler and retaining moisture. When the bed is in between growing times, I will add mulch from my compost pile and turn over to work in. I have been using these beds for about 6 years now, originally adding store bought mulch and for the? past 2 years have used what I am composting only.

  • 88dillonzo 7 years ago

    Since a raised bed can’t be cultivated continuously, what is done in the interim? Do you plant “green manures” in the? bed?

  • lyrehc77 7 years ago

    Very nice garden! Your tomato cages look triangular – where can I get those? Thanks for the? tour …..pls keep up the update esp what works…

  • glennforstner 7 years ago

    Summer is now taking a toll on my plants, but they are still producing.?

  • Planting81 7 years ago

    Your plants look so healthy? : )

  • piccolopatty 7 years ago

    Very nice tour Glenn. Your garden is beautiful. I too use raised beds for? my veggie garden. Living in Northern California, Roma and Grape Tomatoes grow GREAT. The Grape tomatoes are indeterminate varieties like the yellow pears and that’s why they grow so tall. You should come up here in September, there is an heirloom tomato festival at the Kendal Jackson winery! It’s fun! ~~ Patty Purcell Haydis.

  • glennforstner 7 years ago

    What a surprise to hear from Austrailia. I was there in 1981 while in the Navy. I was on a submarine and we stopped for a few days in Perth. I was very impressed. I am also impressed that you are starting everything from seed, I guess I Am lazy? and usually buy plants for a lot of the things I grow. I will plant seeds for things like radishes, carrots, and beans. Let me know how your garden goes when it gets warmer. Glenn

  • redcrystal69 7 years ago

    Nice! I can’t wait until it’s spring here.. not too long to go 😀 almost 1/2 way through winter. I bought a pack of 200 heirloom seeds, with 150 varieties in it.. LOL I can’t wait to plant them.. but how many will I manage to? grow?? lol that’s the question 🙂