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  • Desert Plants of Avalon 1 month ago

    Hi Guys 😀 In this video I share a Rare Cactus Plants Unboxing – Unbelievable MUST WATCH 😀

  • Debra Cancelliere 1 month ago

    They look like gray/green teeth (lophophora). What a generous and impressive collection to gift! Enjoy!

  • Javier Chavira 1 month ago

    Better than Christmas morning! So amazing!

  • Jack Lin 1 month ago

    This is, bar none, the most insane cactus opening I’ve seen. People pay thousands for that content!

  • Kevin 1 month ago

    I just got a purple pitcher what type of lighting bar indoor should I get? It’s recommended to have high light but I’m not sure what brand is good

  • Poached in the wild so that you ASSHOLE can have them. People like you disgust me.

  • Hans Verhoeven 1 month ago

    Hi Lynn and Hansie…very rare I have no words on a video about cactee….Today I am totally speachless. All I could say was: O………………………………..M……………………………G !!!! and that all video long. What a great gift from Simon. Love to see your new vids on the potting of after potting. AMAZING vid. Even I shattered some tears.

  • Rambles with my camera 1 month ago

    this is such a beautiful thing for Simon to do WOW WOW WOW they have obviously come from a good home to a good home ♥ so much Love in this film ♥XXX

  • that cutey, ariocarpus fissuratus is a rare one

  • Simon just gave you all of those? For free!!? Simon send us some! lol

  • Mitch ONE 1 month ago

    Can't believe how many going to have to email you about lophophora seed soon…also id love to send you some seed from an Australian native – Swainsona formosa. I will email you next few days..Thank you Lyn great video again!

  • Eileen Mailloux 1 month ago

    I'm almost as stunned as you are! Incredible! Amazing! So many words in the English language and I can't string enough together to make a complete sentence. I know you have to be careful not to swear in your videos so I did it for you! But it was all good, I promise! I've never seen a gift like this and I'm very happy that you are the happy recipient! xxo

  • just_a_blue_cat 1 month ago

    Your joy is contagious! I'm so happy for you I'm tearing up over here!

  • Yoanna Baumgartner 1 month ago

    Wow. I was gasping with each box you opened. Simon recognizes what an amazing cactus couple you two are.

  • Paul .Austin 1 month ago

    Wow, what an awesome parcel to receive.

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