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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Last week I visited one of my favorite local nurseries, The Plant Stand of Arizona in South Phoenix. I went with the purpose of getting one wish list plant I’ve been keeping my eye on, but I came home with a couple of other beauties that I didn’t realize I needed. 😃 Shop with me visit in December 2019 Lowes and Home Depot Plant Haul Soil Mix Video Lowe’s Shop With Me *Disclaimer: Please follow your own state guidelines for safe social distancing and lockdown restrictions. Follow me on Instagram Visit my Etsy Shop Levoit Humidifier Okaysou Air Purifier WeVideo – Online editing I use ********************************************************************* Facebook: Instagram: website: Etsy Shops: Amazon Shop: Mountain Crest Gardens: All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some links are affiliate links and I do make a small commission if you shop through them, and appreciate every single one of you who support me and my channel! Video Rating: / 5


  • Carmen Whitehead 2 weeks ago

    I love visiting this local nursery! You can check out my last visit with them in this video…

  • Maria Olvera 2 weeks ago

    You should out Planterina!!

  • Beautiful haul! Congrats on the wishlist plant and at such a fantastic price! I've been wanting to visit The Plant Stand as well, but it's over an hour's drive from me, so it's pretty daunting.

  • Betty Ali 2 weeks ago

    You go girl I does the same thing I buy cheap to I enjoy watching your video

  • Cacticollector 2 weeks ago

    Just curious how many more to go on your wishlist Carmen? (2020)

  • mua usa 2 weeks ago

    It looks like a rojo congo . I have both . I could be wrong

  • Cheryl Breedlove 2 weeks ago

    Very nice little haul.

  • Sheila Casper 2 weeks ago

    I just got a rhaphidophora on line, 4 inch, yours is sooo much more! I think they are a cool plant.

  • Twisty Sunshine 2 weeks ago

    That first peperomia is stunning!

  • Monica F 2 weeks ago

    That red emerald is fabulous!! And the price is amazing. I’ll have to plan a field trip down there when I’ve got more plant money. Thanks Carmen!

  • Sharonda Louise 2 weeks ago

    Hi. I finally got a camoflage diffenbachia. I actually got a second one yesterday. I like the lists you showed. TFS

  • Pople BackyardFarm 2 weeks ago

    Love looking at your plants I get so excited e everytime I see something new to me . You got quite a few nice ones.

  • Heidi Avera 2 weeks ago

    Hi Carmen love your channel

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