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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Succulents and cacti are hugely popular in Japan. As many of you know, I know next to nothing about them… but my friend did! Join us as we visit a succulent and cacti garden / nursery / shop and see several rare (and expensive) specimens! If you want to support the content: -Buy me a coffee via Venmo (Jimmy Nguyen @legendsofmonstera). -Check out my Amazon storefront -Become a Patreon ( -Gift Legendsofmonstera merchandise to friends ( ————————————————————————— All Amazon Associate links for products I use and/or recommend can be found at my Amazon storefront: Lighting: 1. [$ $ $ ] Small luxury hanging grow light by Soltech Solutions : 2. [$ $ ] Large grow light fixture by Sun Blaze : 3. [$ $ ] LED grow light bulb by Haus/Easy Bright : 4. [$ ] 6500k 1400 lumen LED light bulbs : 5. [$ ] Minimalist white floor lamp : Humidifiers: 1. [$ $ $ ] Levoit Humidifier (large): Pest control: 1. Monterey LG6150 Insect Spray, 16 Ounce : 2. General Hydroponics GH2045 AzaMax, 4 Ounce : 3. Floramite Miticide / Spidercide (specifically for spider mites), 8 Ounce : 4. Spectracide 100507462 Immunox Multi Purpose Fungicide Spray Concentrate, 16 fl oz : Support: 1. Mosser Lee ML1010H Totem Pole Plant Support, 24″ : 2. MUDNRRY 328ft (100m) Twist Ties,Green Coated Garden Plant Ties with Cutter for Gardening and Office Organization, Home : 3. VELCRO Brand 91384 ONE-WRAP Supports for Effective Growing | Strong Gardening Grips are Reusable and Adjustable Gentle Plant Ties, 45 ft x 1/2 in in, Green : 4. Luster Leaf 858 Rapiclip Soft Wire Tie Light Duty, 32′, Green : How I make […]


  • Myshan Amakisi 1 month ago

    Nice. Thx for sharing

  • Ana Sanchez 1 month ago

    I love succs, they're cute little weirdos with a spikey haircut. also, the way they adapt to their environment is pretty cool

  • Bornok_ka2rse 1 month ago

    location pls arigato

  • June Rofeta 1 month ago

    Nice! Definitely heading there soon; finding a present for my friend and I think a succulent would be great for her!

  • Travel & Garden Tours 1 month ago

    This place looks amazing! Thank you for showing us!

  • jeff fish 1 month ago

    What kind of top soil is that? Thanks

  • julian shepherd 1 month ago

    There are so many cheap and great cactii and your local cacti and succulent society may have sales/shows and usually people sell little rooted cuttings for almost nothing.

  • julian shepherd 1 month ago

    $150 for a plant that has been perfectly maintained for many years to get that big.

  • Twisty Sunshine 1 month ago

    Such a beautiful nursery! Gotta love the interesting cacti

  • bakedpotatoes 1 month ago

    Omg as a Haworthia collector, Japan is one of the best places to visit. Some are expensive because it depends on the rarity, form and patterns on the leaves, the parentage, and how long it took to cultivate. Currently eyeing a Haworthia Urahannya. Nvm on thinking buying the variegated versions of these plants. It'll burn a hole in your wallet lmao

  • Kati Z 1 month ago

    Anyone know what the ones @2.45ish are? Some of those were amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Catalina Máire Frink 1 month ago

    What is the name of that two head?? Beautiful

  • Niklas Hultkrantz 1 month ago

    I south africa the are like one dollar each.

  • alis49281 1 month ago

    This reminds me of the botanical garden. The succulent area is locked up because thiefs too a lot of plants. The now only open up once a year when they are in bloom – with a guard.

    Yes, thieves are a major problem in botanical gardens!

  • Hero121 1 month ago

    4:00 I've seen these here in London for about £48, a single one and the bulb thing was probably around the size of an iPhone so much smaller than the one in this video. However there was no green leaves as it was dormant with it being summer.

  • Sheila Casper 1 month ago

    Wow! Expensive!

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