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  • Marco Lopez 1 year ago

    im mascelero my people were tough

  • RbG84 1 year ago

    its ok but with lots of gear and help not good! the Apache wins

  • spaaggetii 1 year ago

    Anyone know any ACTUAL decent proper how to survive in the desert vids? No offene but we all know RAY MEARS spents each night in a hotel, and he had so much crew on standby with water and food which he eats during the day/night
    Every thing i look up is 2-4 years old and has pretend survivalists like ray mears, bear grills etc. WANT AN ACTUAL proper guide vid instead of these clowns just doing it for the money while they sleep in air conditioned hotel rooms dining on 5 star meals

  • cassandra Robinson 1 year ago

    most enjoyably video

  • Jackson King 1 year ago

    that friction fire blew me away

  • adwardy 1 year ago

    The music at 25:40 

  • Anna Miller 1 year ago

    I was looking for a video on how to survive on nothing but the land. This guy brought all his own shit like water and was lucky enough to find a stream. How likely is that? Disappointing

  • Jorge Viramontes 1 year ago

    those were not prickly pears.

  • jtard j 1 year ago

    he says survival but asks for water, water is survival in the dessert hes not surviving hes hiking when i was a boy scout we did this much. how is this extreme survival

  • Enyo 1 year ago

    that back wzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noise is very annoying but good video over all

  • Jon L 1 year ago

    Close Cover – Wim Mertens
    IT'S evn in the discript the trick is the last song is always ther

  • DoomDevil 1 year ago

    That is not a desert, that's a joke!

  • Natural Wonder 1 year ago

    Does anybody know the song at 18:00, its so chilled!

  • fullofbaddassness 1 year ago

    I'm glad this guy actually gives my ancestors much needed respect!

  • kubek w 1 year ago

    I would try to stay calm 😉 what an advice

  • Joe Momma 1 year ago

    I actually was looking for a video on how to survive in the desert…..WITHOUT equipment. Any clown can survive any situations, training or no, with the right equipment.

  • Roland Hawken 1 year ago

    I got lost in the desert once , and survived for days on nothing but food and water, cigarettes, beer, and a box of melted chocolates .

  • DUBBLE TIME 1 year ago

    He made such an effort to make getting past a barbed wire fence look badass. Grab the post, walk up it until you're balancing on the top wire, then make a quick jump off. Ain't nobody got time to crawl on their back.

  • Jimmy Cook 1 year ago

    Geronimo is my 6th uncle 

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