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  • Ouis Sandy 4 years ago

    please they killed there neighboring tribes way before the white man came. Victory goes to the strong

  • ragav sasthri 4 years ago

    Did anyone recognize the Backgrond Score @ 13:50?
    Is it Bombay Theme Music by A.R.Rahman? :)

  • adwardy 4 years ago

    The music at 25:40 

  • niklar55 4 years ago

    I traveled through this area 20+ years ago, by motorcycle, but on I,10 rather than in the desert, as part of 21,000 mile/45 state tour of the US, avoiding as many big cities as possible.
    The scenery and countryside was wonderful, and on a motorcycle I could experience the smells and feelings of the terrain.
    The big cities seemed like a cancer by comparison, they haven't improved.

  • sean brown header 4 years ago

    joyride hey ha ha ha…….ever see that madman in the truck that ah never mind

  • sean brown header 4 years ago

    hey ill get an american truck licence and ill see all of it……do a mad joyride

  • sean brown header 4 years ago

    i think ray mears is good……america is a beautiful country, just sorry ive only seen new york. However i shall make it my duty so come over at some stage and annoy all of arizona

  • chris77777777ify 4 years ago

    Ray is a fat little bitch

  • Vlad B 4 years ago

    Awful, US so large and yet Indians couldn't be left alone.

  • Scrappycat1966 4 years ago

    All of this is just an Apache road march from my home in Tucson. Unfortunately, I have yet to experience this area of rugged Arizona wilderness. Arizona, like many of the southwestern United States has a unique variety of climates, ranging from low-desert regions to lofty alpine mountains. I love it here. Just grateful that I can watch this episode from the air-conditioned comfort of my living room.

  • Chowdhury Rahman 4 years ago

    wow love the music at 14min, its a bangladeshi music!
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  • silversobe 4 years ago

    Anyone know the piece of music at 25:40?

  • That Arizona Guy 4 years ago

    The best way to survive Arizona is to not come here.

  • Robert Boyle 4 years ago

    Ray Mears is one of the leading survival experts in the world, I think he knows what he is talking about.

  • John Sword 4 years ago

    This is ok, I guess. But after watching people like Les Stroud and Dave Canterbury, this is kind of oh hum. This guy should try filming everything himself like Les does. (Survivorman) I appreciate the history lesson, but that's not what I was watching for.

  • jennifer morgan 4 years ago

    this guy is really uninformative lot tips and thing he says that is a wast of time like get qa drink of water" is a waste of time" get out of here if any one is reading this post this guy is so bad and incorrect over 90% please go watch man vs wild/duel survival, many others this guy has no Idea what his talking about and his got a army of camera crew with him….full of crap fyi

  • Spidey. 4 years ago

    Genocide! hypocrisy!

  • The Ball 4 years ago

    BTW, the Apache hunted white men like animals, too. The reason they distrusted the white man wasn't because they were at war, but because the white man had broken every truce they ever made. That was the true difference between them.

  • The Ball 4 years ago

    The still frame is Owl Rock. I've climbed it. The scary part was rapping past a next of africanized bees!

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