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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Contrary to Popular belief Landscaping doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive to add value to a home. Todays project doesn’t take long to install or cost a lot to build. We demo and remove the old landscaping, install new boulder settings and put it all back together. Crazy and Amazing New Tools on Amazon: Makita Power shaft Multitool: strap: Gonzo Caulk Warmer: Pactool Snapper shear pro: Extreme Heat Deadening water jacket: Spider Tool Holster: add an inch tape measure corner device: Like the Carry cart: Little Giant King Combo Ladder: Wheeled Snow Pusher: 10% off Kujo shoes here: Get 10% of Jobber software here: Winter equipment-Best cutting edge ever:


  • John Hunter 1 month ago

    Love the project videos!  I have the Stihl kombi set, use the power sweep for loads of tasks.  Snow moving was almost fun with it.  I want the broom attachment, just can't decide if its worth the money.Did you guys come back and pressure wash after for that truly finished look?

  • Shane Forsythe 1 month ago

    hi Stanley, since you talk to equipment reps, i would like to say something you can maybe pass on to them as feedback, those makita (or any company) sweepers with many different swappable attachments, manufacturers should make the change out bit square, we have a ryobi one and it's oval in shape but it is starting to spin and act like a circle, if they were made square they couldn't turn from moter tauque. it seem all the companies make them ovals, and they wear into a circle too easy.

  • David Avellaneda 1 month ago

    Awesome video! What kind of shovels are those?

  • Joshua Spires 1 month ago

    dude plz find a way to stop constantly shaking the camera.

  • the lawn man 1 month ago

    I think you should post 3 of these types of videos a week. Great job working together with your crew giving advice not orders. As always another great video can't wait to see the boy in another one. God-bless, Go get em and be kind. O by the way That power sweep did a fantastic Job. How is the weight To balance ratio?

  • Dominic Marsh 1 month ago

    Please keep doing the site videos!

  • Jeff GERBING 1 month ago

    Great job on explaining and showing .. love these . Keep up the great work

  • A blade above the rest lawncare 1 month ago

    I been doing that also I just hate coming back and nothing is done and it's over grown with weeds

  • Josep Cortez 1 month ago

    On larger jobs do you ask for money to purchase material or you purchase with company money?

  • aaron darling 1 month ago

    when you say affordable what does that mean to you?

  • dirtybirdau 1 month ago

    I enjoy these type of videos.
    Was it just the landscaping near the front of the house of was there more to be done?
    What did the budget end up being on this job?

  • Riley Ellis 1 month ago

    Great job.

  • The Young framer 1 month ago

    Are you coming to conexpo 2020 if so can we meet up

  • Full Tilt Grading 1 month ago

    Setting rocks can drive you crazy! Having that rotator is the way to go. Nice job

  • Driving With Jake 1 month ago

    Awesome as always

  • patrick vincenti 1 month ago

    That looks like ass I'd be pissed if I paid for that

  • sc0tte416 1 month ago

    The guy moving the rocks is a good operator

  • Stoney Ridge Farmer 1 month ago

    LOL I'll bet they paid for those rocks….here I've been dumping them in the creeks on our farm…our farm is such a rocky place lol Great vid Stanley!

  • Big Tator 1 month ago

    You guys do a great job but stan you need to stand back and just let tim do tim

  • Anthony Estes 1 month ago

    Great Video! I have all kinds of yard issues that I felt should have been addressed before the building phase, now I've spent the last year paying to have things done and after more than 5k, It still isn't right. Contractor has pretty much high tailed it, and left me with his worthless word. So, if you do make it to Dallas to help KD, maybe you can help me out as well. I'm not that far from Dallas.

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