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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Share the beautiful flowers of Rebutia,spectacular small cacti from South America. Video Rating: / 5 The coolest exotic succulent/ cacti store in my country ! I love cacti and succulent . They are to me, reflections of heaven, embedded in a beautiful standing wave of plant cells and electrochemistry ! … Behold.. the psychedelic cacti, San Pedro! – Video Rating: / 5


  • Patrick Bowen 1 year ago

    Hi Shane – Love your videos. Quick question – how do you grow your Rebutia? I had a few in bloom in 2017, but not in 2018 – and I can't find them in my collection. I'm curious about what brought about their demise. Can you help?

  • Mehdi Panahandeh 1 year ago

    They are all gorgeous! well done! Thanks for sharing.

  • Aneta eS 1 year ago


  • brandy spencer 1 year ago

    Where did you get them ?

  • zhipeng wang 1 year ago

    big thumb up from china i just started to collect rebutia and sulcorebutia last year,still confused about the soil mix i made i heard they r easy to rot

  • Collection of unseen nature 1 year ago

    Shane You have a very nice collection!

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