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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] ©Seán Doran / All rights reserved / Contact for License Made with data from the HiRISE ( High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment ) camera on board the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter and provided by the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. ‘Almost in F – Tranquillity’ by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( ) Video Rating: / 5


  • The Awesomer 6 days ago

    Incredible work. Would love to know more about how you produced this.

  • Mavrick Mavrick 6 days ago


  • Mira Behn 6 days ago

    Really lovely, Sean!

  • galaxiesaver 6 days ago

    Hi Sean, amazing work. Im struggling to find classical black and white heightmaps on the HiRise website. Most images on the site appear to be black and white orthographic pictures with shadows in them, and not heightmaps. Im wondering, which type of map are you using as a basis to determine elevation? The only proper heightmaps I found so far are quite low-res and not nearly the same quality as the shaded orthos. Thanks.

  • Günter Kleinschuster 6 days ago

    Thanks, Mars became  a place now

  • 88 Kilos of Sunshine 6 days ago

    Thank you

  • Futura 6 days ago

    Amazing work!
    As a french scientific news website we'd like to use this content with your permission on our social media FB/IG and website.
    We will add your credit and your tag.
    Let’s us know if it’s ok for you!

  • Vladyslav Sazhen 6 days ago

    Just thank you:')

  • Launch Pad Astronomy 6 days ago

    Wow…that's all I can say.

  • maryintima 6 days ago

    So why Red Planet rises in black&white? 🙂

  • AstronautiCAST 6 days ago

    Yet another masterpiece. Great work

  • GAWD! That is stunning!!!

  • Hap N Stance 6 days ago

    Really great work. This really helps us learn to understand what Mars is really like. Would have been nice to see some realistic color, but maybe that would make this a lot more difficult.

  • TOMAS 6 days ago

    WOW !!

  • George Jones 6 days ago

    Wow! That is just breathtaking.

  • Xenthorx 6 days ago

    Fascinating, thanks Sean !

  • Paul Hammond 6 days ago

    Another stunner from Seán 🙂

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