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  • mslayer01 4 years ago

    remember seeing these guys live in my local rock club HEX in birkenhead england when they where first starting out fuckers where amaizing

  • TurdF3rgu50n 4 years ago


  • thunderc78 4 years ago

    actually this is by Peter Tosh.

  • elgharras93 4 years ago


  • MAJIN ERIX 4 years ago

    amazing cross breed of two totally different kinds of music!! :O like a little chinese boy doing a big black gangster chick!! but the outcome is AWESOME!!!1

  • jsmetalcore 4 years ago

    if they were on a better label they would probley be around the same popularity as skindred

  • Robmas Sradzi 4 years ago


  • guillotenet03 4 years ago

    juaaa great fusion— o yeahaa this song is = powers guitars + canabis + high sounds

  • Paolur 4 years ago

    This is just amazing! Pure gold, man!

  • ishy245 4 years ago

    pure awesomness!

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