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  • Aldi Ruli 1 year ago

    wtf 2 minute unskippable advertise :(

  • Cheernastics #1 1 year ago

    I use this every night works gr8 very peacefull

  • Vanessa Tempesta 1 year ago


  • autistica1 1 year ago

    now I have to pee…

  • Даниил Шабарин 1 year ago


  • Puffy Planet 1 year ago

    Where is this?

  • Fungolious 1 year ago

    imagine some guy walks by and a shark just jumps at him and all you can hear is the screams of terror and flesh ripping

  • Matt C 1 year ago

    Amazing reality-like quality with headphones. This is a must-bookmark.

  • Gabriel Wayne 1 year ago


  • Timothy Schall 1 year ago

    its looped. clouds don't move much.

  • CLASSICAL MUSIC TV 1 year ago

    waves and waves of sound are out of sync ?

  • SavingPrivateBob 1 year ago

    Playing this behind some upbeat electro puts me in a damn good place. Something about the waves has always cured the worries of my troubled (but not-so-troubled-now) mind.

  • samirriani 1 year ago

    WHERE is this filmed, name island, or place? thanks

  • HealingInspirations by Annie 1 year ago

    Beautiful, soothing and so relaxing; thank you so very much!

  • Alex Metcalf 1 year ago

    The sound doesn't match the waves!

  • HangoverU 1 year ago

    jak w fife przegrywam to sobie to odpalam… WY KURWY Z HENDIKAPEM 1:0 dla mnie!

  • Zeus Aviary 1 year ago

    Where was this filmed?

  • WeeklyRBLXGirls 1 year ago

    This video has more views then subscribers, SO the people who liked this should subscribe!

  • Courtney Kilburn 1 year ago

    Studying for Final Exams. This video makes it 100% better!

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