Rene Sepulveda’s desktop with birdhouse sculptures Cholla, Cholla Desert Art, Cholla Skeleton A…

🐣. Provide great value! Priced at $295.00, the Jeolla desert cactus sculpture on the desktop with a bird house, designed by artist Rene Sepulveda. The natural Cholla desert cactus skeleton gives second life and is made into a colorishis design. Each is unique and can be indoors or outdoors. Due to its unique personality and unique design, some works sell for 500 to 10,000 US dollars. It is very suitable as a home central artwork in the foyer, living room or large room or outdoor garden or terrace. These unique offers are unique and designed to please. Cylindropuntia is a genus that contains species of cacti, commonly called chollas. Cholla cactus belongs to the cactus family and can be found in the arid regions and deserts of New Mexico. If you want to make sure you get a Cholla cactus, not a cactus, check its stem. The stems of cacti are flat, while the stems of Chollas are tubular. Cholla cactus is the food and water source for many desert animals. The fruit of the Jumping Cholla species can be used for bighorn sheep and deer. In addition, Cholla wood is used for bird habitation or as a substrate for moss or many air plants in animal breeding rooms. Their height can reach 5 to 15 feet (1.5-4.5 m). They have juicy stems and can store large amounts of water. These stems are modified branches that are responsible for photosynthesis, flowering and fruiting, and are designed to produce unique works of art originating from Native Americans.


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