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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Repotting you desert roses to have a big trunk also helping them to be healthy and blooming by using 80% pine bark mini nagging and 20% peat moss blooming fertilizer phosphorus you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowe’s We are now shipping plants all over the USA if you are interested in buying a plant from my garden please call or text me at 19414571172 thank you ❤️ Marias Garden please visit my site at Video Rating: / 5 Water is in short supply in much of the world – but what if we use seawater? It’s been a dream for many years, but now technology is making it possible. This new seawater greenhouse uses a clever cardboard design to distill fresh water from salt water cheaply and efficiently. It’s helping grow crops in Somaliland, and could help stop the water crisis in Africa and other parts of the world that are susceptible to drought. The founder of Seawater Greenhouse, Charlie Paton, explains how unlike traditional greenhouses – which are hothouses – this one is a “cool house” that is ideal for growing temperate crops in deserts or other hot, arid regions. What do you think? Will this succeed at turning desert into farmland? What other projects have caught your eye? Let us know in the comments and subscribe for new videos every week. For more stories profiling pioneers of science and tech innovation, subscribe to Freethink at And follow Freethink across other platforms here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Video Rating: / 5


  • Divine Reyes 2 weeks ago

    What did you do with your old soil Maria?

  • Andrew Ogawa 2 weeks ago

    What is the name of the fertilizer?

  • Adriana Marcia 2 weeks ago

    Maria querida, soy tu fan.. I bought a plant in Home depot and had cochinilla, I wash, take the leaves and cover with cinammon and let rest for 5 days than I replant. I use coco pit, old wood( the ones for barbecue) , fertilize soil and charcoal rocks( for barbecue) and passed 3 months and my plant is growing to slowly, no leaves and flowers, I am here in Miami and a lot sun but too much rain, what do you suggest me to put in my plant to start to grow, I see a lots eyes with small leaves but somehow ones dry and others not grow. Please help.. Thanks.

  • Dianne Harrington 2 weeks ago

    Love her style

  • Katt Woodson 2 weeks ago

    Desert queen <3

  • Masud Khan 2 weeks ago

    What is the mixing with soil .

  • Cyndi Tourtellot 2 weeks ago

    I love watching your videos. I have a large adenium that needs to be lifted up too, but it is blooming. I noticed yours was blooming too. I thought I would have to wait until next spring since it was blooming. I live in San Antonio, Texas. Is it OK for me to lift my adenium now? Thank you

  • Cynthia Halford 2 weeks ago

    Oh Maria, you remind me of myself, I talk to my babies when working with them and name them too! I have my one and only and first ever, her name, but of course….Rose! I have had her for many years but unfortunately, for many years now, she and all of my other plants have had to survive or die. Rose is a survivor. Recently I have been able to begin to work on my plants again and get my soul therapy back on! YAY! It's a whole new learning process again and yesterday was Rise's turn. I wish I would've seen the video BEFORE I did the transplant. Rose is still a small plant and I don't want her to get to large just yet but did upsize her pot for growth. I've always used a cactus potting mix though so though is what I used again and I am used to washing away old soil a pulling away old spider web roots to encourage new growth than just before I set it down into the pot, I sprinkle rooting hormone. I guess I am just creating extra work for myself but Rose seemed to enjoy it and looked like she was turning greener as we went along! LoL I do think perhaps I set her down inside a bit low/dirt to high up so think I will raise her up while she is still in shock mode. I did not realize you should leave so much of the root on top of the soil. What I have used over the years for fertilizer is miracle grows bloom boost which of course is mixed to a liquid but I found I also have some "Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care" granules which I believe is also used to help control pests, I can't recall what plants I used it on since it has been so long that I was not even able to lug the hose around to water! Lost many plants to drought and yes, even here in Florida! I live in the Tampa Bay area but for some reason, the little city I am in, we are in a protected trough with all the rain going to the noth, south and east of us. Do you have a nursery? I would love to visit you sometime! We have been meaning to get down to Sanibel anyway!

  • lightwayvez2 2 weeks ago

    Curious why the pot has a black interior did you treat the inside of the pot with a sort of resin ?

  • Kattiacoolyeah 2 weeks ago

    Where do you buy that soil please Maria? Both soils…tiny pine bark AND the Pro grow…

  • Phú Tài 2 weeks ago


  • Bob C 2 weeks ago

    I can't understand. What fertilizer? I think I heard Osmocote and 4/40 or was it 4/

  • Octavia Rosado 2 weeks ago

    María Hola yo me gozo viendo tus vídeos. Tu trabajas mucho ok cojelo suave tu amiga de Puerto Rico

  • Octavia Rosado 2 weeks ago

    María la Rosa Del Desierto parece estar preña verdad?jajaja

  • David Vasquez 2 weeks ago

    I'm telling you they don't make women like Maria as they use too.

  • Marcia orozco 2 weeks ago

    Hi Maria! If I just change and lifted up my plant, to expose the big caudex , can I put sulfur on top the soil??? It can make grow bigger the caudex ?

  • SayHelloToOblivion 2 weeks ago

    Is it okay to leave all those roots exposed? I'm confused about that.

  • Plants and flowers 2 weeks ago

    You and your plants are so beautiful

  • Compassionate Living 2 weeks ago

    And now we can stop giving all our water to all the animals we breed into existence for slaughter and help human beings dying of thirst!

  • Ken Titus 2 weeks ago

    There is no shortage of water anywhere in the world. Three wells were drilled in Kenya and three in Tanzania and all six wells were in the Desert and all six produced more than 3,000 gal. per min. each. Drill to 4,000ft. to 5,000ft. and you will find plenty of water. It's called Primary Water. At about 400 miles there is enough water to fill our oceans on the surface 3 times. You can turn sea water into good water at $37.00 per 1 acre Ft.. Problem is today is that many farmers really don't know how to farm which also means knowing how to get water for their crops. Because of lack of knowledge they don't produce crops. Glad to see someone is thinking here.

  • Alexander J. 2 weeks ago

    Not sustainable and to expensive to maintain, I have a cheaper and better system and it uses nature to restart the natural process. You have the first step right but the natural part you haven't got yet. I'll show you when my patent goes theu

  • Narbig Ogul 2 weeks ago

    I read sonewhere that you can use sea water as NFT in hydroponics.

  • gteea 2 weeks ago

    If the sea water was blown into a chamber with clear plastic, the sun's heat would cause evaporation this desalination would occur. A cheap was of desalination.

  • David Thattenbanos 2 weeks ago

    Is the water that's stored potable, or able to be made potable? I could imagine a solar powered OSEC unit being used to convert brine to sodium hypochlorite which can be used to treat any excess water for potable use.

    You could also install other solar thermal applications alongside to increase yield of water when conditions allow.

  • Ben Agaran 2 weeks ago

    So what happens to the salt? Just dump it back into the sea? Wouldn't that increase the salinity of the water?

  • David Thattenbanos 2 weeks ago

    Imagine using this as a charity to irrigate a reforestation programme. Reclaiming the desert and in turn the forest will continue the humidifying effect on it's own.

  • Nicman Tayib 2 weeks ago

    this great development it will help many parts of the world to do more in food shortages , and thank you very for the invention and your interest to support my country Somaliland with this kind of technology, we welcome you and will help you what ever support we can do for this kind of projects .

  • The Coder 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for helping our brothers from Somaliland somalia

  • 5000and 5 2 weeks ago

    Taasi waa naxarista rabbigay isagana mahada iska leh alhamdulilah

  • coolvips 2 weeks ago

    Interesting idea. How do they dispose left over saline water?

  • Damnit Bobby 2 weeks ago

    Fail. In 20 years all that salt will contaminate the area where crops are grown because there's no way those people care about a byproduct. That's WHY they're a 3rd world continent, they take from others instead of thinking on their own and solving their own problems.

  • Shiny 345 2 weeks ago

    I didn't even think about usint seawater to humidify the crops… But this guy showed us the way to combine evaporator and seawater to cool down the crops, and they might even change the climate somewhere in the future!

  • zyl zyl 2 weeks ago

    Id it was that easy every country would have been doing it by now

  • MR JFLYER 2 weeks ago


  • Rebecca Ji 2 weeks ago

    Glad to see Charlie here :). I am so glad to supply the evaporating pad and solar power system to this project, your team are honorable, made a great effort in it, overcome many difficulties, good luck to your team!

  • TheMatron'sMilitia 2 weeks ago

    That is ridiculously inefficient, just wetting the walls. More water is going to evaporate out than in. The seawater greenhouse concept is sound, that design is not

  • Debonay Joseph 2 weeks ago

    Honestly love this, I truly hope this can change the world!

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