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  • O.I Production 1 year ago

    only one word Beautiful

  • Adnan khan 1 year ago

    I want to join this festival

  • Adnan khan 1 year ago

    Where this festival is celebrated??

  • Kol Kol 1 year ago

    Woo hoo white people!

  • solly 1 year ago

    Hi, Can I use a few seconds of this in a video?

  • Clifford Panlasigui 1 year ago

    Hi. Can I use your video for my powerpoint presentation? It is very inspiring. Thanks!

  • Dan Smith 1 year ago

    sky lanterns THAT WE MADE

  • Eiji Fuller 1 year ago

    How much pollution does this festival make?

  • Erica Chang 1 year ago

    As Beautiful as these are to look at lets think logically here for a moment… These are little fire balls going up into the air being blown around. They can start wild fires, and end up as litter. I know they say they are biodegradable but that process still takes some time and in the mean time animals who come across it may eat it or injure themselves on it , or if just stuck in a tree just looks plain ugly! I don't want to see trash around in nature and this is what it is. Its a flaming ball of trash. I know rise makes their money off of making this such an emotionally driven event that we forget to use logic. Yes they are beautiful but at what cost? A wild fire? An animal getting injured, seeing pollution around the areas where they were launched and then quickly forgotten about. In my book this is not worth it!

  • Anne Cullen 1 year ago

    Gosh. I'll start making my own bucket list and surely this will be an entry. #3 maybe hahaha

  • xX Seal_Phantomhive Xx 1 year ago

    RIP burned houses

  • BAIL OUT NENE 1 year ago

    Hopeless Romantic?

  • Peppermint 1 year ago

    How do they clean this ?

  • Frank Liu 1 year ago

    Hello friends, do you want the professional cheap and fine sky lanterns? please check and we have the free samples and atistic gifts!!!!!!!

  • Vergil 1 year ago

    this was so beautiful

  • Jia Yunxiao 1 year ago

    The sky lantern is originated from China, it initially used for war I think, to communicate with each other. Then it becomes a way for people express feelings. I have seen something like back in China in a big temple during spring festival, it was the most magical I have ever seen

  • Kian Jol 1 year ago

    So love each other now it Nog can

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