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  • TheDailyWoo 1 month ago

    Instagram – AdamTheWooATW
    End of a 3 day road trip to Phoenix and back .

  • The Cynical Artist- Gigzy 1 month ago

    you missed the opportunity to see some filming locations of Raising Arizona over by Scottsdale.

  • Missie Smith 1 month ago

    Thanks for doing so much on Phoenix.

    If you are even in southern Arizona, you need to go down to tombstone and check out the world's largest Rosh bush. It's amazing and in Guineas book of Worlds Records. It's 9000 square feet! It's been there over 100 years.

  • smichalpi 1 month ago

    love these travel videos

  • C Heather 1 month ago

    Adam I didn't think it was possible that there was a more nostalgic person than me. I've been watching you for a few years. I love you. Please keep healthy and safe!

  • Alan Valantine 1 month ago

    They Scottsdale is the Beverly Hills of Arizona

  • xj 336 1 month ago

    Celia was Paul's daughter

  • Brad Craven 1 month ago

    Lagwagon. Hoss! Thats all I can think of when I see that picture. Such a great album.

  • Doc Holiday 1 month ago

    Weres your tube. ? Go w00 w00 tube it..your a tuber..

  • Brian Osback 1 month ago

    7:15 in there is a hidden Mickey.

  • Charlie’s Channel 1 month ago

    Old town Scottsdale is a big waste of time. Find something better to do.

  • Rick54 1 month ago

    missing large Marge

  • Daron Markley 1 month ago

    Oh my god Adam watching this adventure i felt like I was in heaven everything you show was so amazing and the water falls to me looked like a work of art and the town very cool and you said it was early and hot well i was sorry it was hot for the both of you also the book store how cool is that I could explore that place all day and for me I was loving all the scenery you showed so I must say Adam I’m having the time of my life on this journey so please keep up the good work and with that I’ll see you on the next vlog adventure also please stay safe out there

  • steve mundy 1 month ago

    can you end the vlog in rain again tomorrow

  • Rouge Squadron 1 month ago

    You were in my hood!! I would have loved to meet you!!

  • WHR17 1 month ago

    Oh man I remember that episode of Airwolf!!!!

  • Mike R. 1 month ago

    Hello Adam, it was so cool seeing you film at Desert Center. I’m a trucker, I go to Desert Center everyday. I’m in Arizona, and we meet with drivers from California, there, everyday. That would have been so cool, to have run into you, not with my truck, lol, but got to meet you. I was there that day, but before you got there. Hope you continue to stay healthy!

  • PUMATV 1 month ago


    Mario Bros Spotted

  • a&a AZ 1 month ago

    you should have the Pioneer Museum here in az!!

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