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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Come and join me as I make a trip to Riverside, California to meet Rob Roy and see his amazing desert garden and his remarkable cactus collection. What I thought was just a quick trip to pick up a few cactus plants, turned out to be one of the best trips I have done for my hobby of growing desert plants. Rob Roy is very knowledgeable and he unselfishly shared a few tricks to help me hone my gardening skills. This is part 1 of 2 videos. Part 1 focuses mainly on Rob Roy’s garden and his collection. Part 2 will be more educational as Rob Roy teaches us a few propagation tricks. My plant haul from his collection will also be in Part 2. Link to Part 2 – Follow Rob Roy: Connect with me: Other suggested videos: Pollinating Cactus Flowers – How to Make a Cactus Bloom – Credits Music: Tambourin (Francois-Joseph Gossec) Flute: Lawrence Angel Piano: Gladys Torrado #cactuscollection #robroy #cactus Video Rating: / 5


  • Laura C 3 months ago

    Wowowowowowow!!! That was awesome!

  • TRiGONA iTAMA 3 months ago beautiful & fantastic cactus collections…very inspiring madam 🙂

  • Kelly L 3 months ago

    Now that was a collection alright. I would love to see all of that in person. That was a great picture of you two at the end of the video as well.

  • Musarrat Alam 3 months ago

    Nice video Ilike cactus v much

  • Fam. Cactaceae and other beauties 3 months ago

    Hi Anna, what a lovely place…wish we had that space for all our plants and that climat…WOW! You have so lovely videos! Thank you for sharing all beauty! 🙂 😀 XD
    XXXXX <3

  • Susan Yu 3 months ago

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  • The Desert Plant Diary 3 months ago

    Hi Ana! Incredible collection of plants. This video and the one on how to get your cacti to bloom are my favourite ones from your uploads. I want to wake up in that garden. Rob is so knowledgeable. The hot nailing method, or coring, yikes!!! I hope that doesn't become a trend. Is the gentleman in the army uniform your husband? Thank him for his service to the country. Big salute. Thank you for sharing Ana. From the garden city to you, have a fantastic day! I cannot wait to see more in part two. Cheers and God bless!

  • Emre Kuzu 3 months ago


  • Elvira McDonald 3 months ago

    Are you selling cactus and succulents?

  • plants lover 3 months ago

    nice video

  • fikar sinjai 3 months ago

    Nice vidio

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