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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote For More Information or to Buy: This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability. Video Rating: / 5 GET THESE PRODUCTS HERE: Milorganite: (Also sold at Home Depot or Walmart) Scott’s Bermuda Seed: Scott’s Every Drop: or This is only week two of this journey and we already have full, thick, luscious grass! I can’t believe it. If you haven’t watched week one yet, check it out to see how I made this happen. Thanks for watching! Instagram: @bmlarson93 Twitter: @blakemlarson


  • MrXxrug3rxx 1 year ago

    Like the video…I been growing Bermuda and other turf lawns in phx az take alot of water…mist when u first put seeds down will limit the patches ….

  • Joel Grosvenor 1 year ago

    Bermuda takes 14-28 days to germinate. Higher humidity will defenitly help speed up the process. Don't expect quick redults…but a high water bill

  • Michael Echeverria 1 year ago

    1:08 Arizona folks.

    1:18 1 day? Some grass seeds you have.

    1:58 I use Pennington grass seeds.

    2:38 Probably not.

  • Dan Stephensen 1 year ago

    What you are fighting in that bare spot is "tree residue" and the reflectivity of HEAT OFF of the brick wall. Keep the Faith and keep planting though. NOthing grows
    under or around my trees so I'm going to put down pavers or a raised patio. Use free pallets on concrete piers and enjoy. Great Vids!!

  • Trevor Quinn 1 year ago

    Good stuff! Thanks for the inspiration. Keep it up

  • azsandchick01 1 year ago

    Blake! I need your help! I planted the same see you used about 5 weeks ago, and still have nothing growing. I'm also in AZ, and can't figure out what I did wrong?!

  • Luis Miguel B 1 year ago

    any updates man

  • chris perez 1 year ago

    How's the lawn going? Thanks for the video fellow Arizonian

  • Ben W 1 year ago

    Hey man thanks for your vids im in az as well and am currently trying to start a small patch of grass for my tortoises !

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