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  • Tape a wad of foam rubber over your microphone port. PLEEEEASE.

  • Bruce Kirk 2 years ago

    And lemme guess you all think these rocks are 70million years old right…lol

  • Lawrence Shuda 2 years ago


  • Linda Lulu 2 years ago

    105 degrees with no trees…why would anyone be there

  • Greg Short Music 2 years ago

    "There's no Snow Birds". Oh wait…Lol! You might be talking about the mountain folk in Arizona. If you are trying to get subscribers I would recommend not offending other rock hounds who happen to live in colder climates. I love rocks and gems and 'like minded people' 🙂

  • grossleg123 2 years ago

    Now I am dizzy and have tinnitus

  • mimiescoto 2 years ago

    looks like foothills az

  • Patrick Lanclos 2 years ago

    Good video, but in dire need of some post processing! Do you have video processing software that lets you add text and a second audio track? Most all of them do. In future videos, you might want to use such software to turn down/off the main audio, and use a combination of narration on the second audio track, and text. As your video is now, I cannot hear a thing you are saying.

  • ash squarkz 2 years ago

    The wind killed your video

  • Fred Fadungy 2 years ago

    moved to Az 2 yrs ago, would love to do this kind of stuff.. Im on White Mt.. 🙂

  • Mounaf Mohammed 2 years ago

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  • Kimberly bird 2 years ago

    why were you ignoring all the agates 🙁 Walked right by them you did, broke my heart ha. I would have grabbed everyone 🙂

  • j Tveit 2 years ago

    Shots of you, would help me engage more with the subject matter. The shots of the ground while you're walking made me motion sick. Good subject matter keep working on the camera work.

  • John Motzenbecker 2 years ago

    Interesting , but the sound is very bad, due to the wind, I was going to suggest using something like a wind soc , but it appears your using some kind of a smart phone, so back to square one .

  • Kelley Law 2 years ago

    Wind screen on the mic or go without sound!

  • SammyJo CatLady 2 years ago

    So did you do a follow up of what you did with the agate?

  • OffPlanet 2 years ago

    Am I really gonna click on a video to watch a guy look for a fucking rock? Yes, yes I am.

  • dtreeguy 2 years ago


  • sputnikalgrim 2 years ago

    I’m only trying to make a polite suggestion, I’m not hating, or trolling… 2 things. First a microphone wind cover, and second a steady cam. I can’t hear you, and I’d very much like to, and the shaking, bouncing, quick up and down camera movements made me feel sick enough that I couldn’t get through the entire video.

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