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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Hey guys just thought i would share what happenend to me today. Also, take note of his friend that was ready to pick my items up at any moment if i had waited for 60 seconds in trade. So remember to use a 60 second timer.


  • Melissa Scapes 1 year ago

    Nice dude I managed to get 32m from one guy the other day. I wish people tried me more often it just sucks to be high level lol

  • Dirk RS 1 year ago

    I heard you were in a car accident about a month ago. Hopefully you're recovering well! Sorry I couldn't get in touch, you deleted all your videos before you left so I had to wait for another upload! Eat well and rest well, get back on your grind and start making those PVM loot vids you used to do !

  • Era Tv 1 year ago

    hahahha He just got taken out the fucking game fucking awful scammer

  • Bridge Rs 1 year ago

    Good video. Will take into consideration next time some idiot comes up to me.

  • pruckebo2 1 year ago

    Great commentary. Not sure why you said your voice wasn't made for this, Great job making 20m though.

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