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  • Cactus Shirt 1 year ago

    Sah Waur O :p

  • Kevin Gautier 1 year ago

    I couldn't believe the part where the sex-crazed cowboy was humping the cholla. Bet he gets needled about that alot.

  • David G. 1 year ago

    Oh my god people we get it he mispronounced it stop whining

  • rnanc44 1 year ago

    this is terrible. The name is mispronounced. It should be
    sa wha ro and the language is Spanish. boo

  • giancarlo stanton 1 year ago

    Regardless of how the gentlemen pronounces it, this place is great. We just did Saguaro, grand canyon, and petrified Forest in 6 days. I had never been to Saguaro before and it was fantastic. The sunsets, the tranquility and the peacefulness were fantastic. Saw quite a few roadrunners. Really cool place.

  • notsosilentmajority1 1 year ago

    I too live in AZ and it hurts my ears to hear the commentator mispronounce SQUARRO over and over again. Yes, we know it is SWUARROH – I HOPE THAT HELPS THE NON ARIZONANS, LOL. I have lived in many places but Arizona is my love. Here is my question to my fellow Arizonans………Other than hiking, what fun things are there to do at this "National Park"? Seriously. I will eventually be taking my family there but most of the things I have seen can be done at home for me. The really fun things seem to be in Tucson and are not really a part of the Squaro (Swuarroh) National Park. I understand that Tucson needs some economic help but so does the rest of the state, lol. Maybe we can have Wil E. Coyote race The Road Runner with some rocket propelled shoes from the Acme Company????? No???? Hey, it was worth a shot. Seriously though, if anyone knows of some fun events to take part in, please let us know. It will be really appreciated. Thanks all and God bless.

  • Jesi Rhodes 1 year ago

    "Without these spines, birds, insects and animals would eat them." Um. Birds and insects are also animals. ¬_¬

  • Jazzy Wood 1 year ago

    He's pronouncing saguaro incorrectly.

  • GoBlue576966 1 year ago

    How tall is that saguaro at 1:20?

  • John Kilpatrick 1 year ago

    Seriously? Saguaro is pronounced as in Spanish, not with a hard G-sound. Great video, but excruciating to listen to.

  • Nuallán 1 year ago

    I like this video, but I have a suggestion to help you in the future.

    When you're saying "Saguaro", it's pronounced like you're speaking Spanish, and the "g" is pronounced like an "h". I can tell you guys have done your research, but hearing it mispronounced does somewhat hurt your credibility.

    Also, I've never heard anyone here call javelinas "peccaries". 🙂

    Just thought I'd share some of the local culture with you guys. Keep up the great work!

  • Erika Torres 1 year ago

    what is the name cotton like cactus at min 2:10?

  • Asheghe Iran 1 year ago

    It's pronounced Sewa-Row.

  • Nocstaa 1 year ago

    Seriously, if you've never stood next to a saguaro, you'll never know the sheer size of one.  They look like a small cactus from a distance, but are full size trees when you're next to it.

  • Michael DeWeese, Jr. 1 year ago

    This guy pronounces "saguaro" wrong over and over and over.

  • bagelboi66 1 year ago

    This place is on my must see list mainly because of Wile E Coyote.

  • april mcneeley 1 year ago

    Choosing to live in arizone is considered crazy by manny. But you will find that it is only the heat that can turn you away. If you will only wait till sunset, you will see in one blazing moment why i love this mountain peradice. If youve never hicked here and youve never gone to sabino canion to see the sun go down. Please put us on your bucket list.

  • NATUREmag 1 year ago

    Just wow! Thank you very much!

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