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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Please support me on Patreon~~~ Today i take some super satisfying to watch footage of me removing mealies from my houseplants 🙂 enjoy! Let me know if you have any more questions in the comment section! love ash 🙂 #mealybugs #satisfyingremoval #houseplants NOOT AFFILIATE LINK:: type into your search bar ‘’ DM me on insta for 10$ off NOOT fertilizer! PRODUCTS I USE THAT IF YOU PURCHASE YOU SUPPORT MY CHANNEL 🙂 Pots- Plastic House Plant Pots: Set of 12 Terracotta Pots: Soil- Blackgold Potting Soil Mix: Blackgold Organic Potting Soil: Blackgold Orchid Bark: Coco Coir: Sphagnum Moss: Growing Horomone- Keiki Paste: Bonide Rooting Horomone: Tools- Gardening Shears 9$ : Cheaper Gardening Shears 5$ : Gardening Gloves 10$ : Cuter Gardening Gloves 15$ : Latex Gloves 10$ : Latex-Free Gloves 15$ : Levoit Humidifyer- Cheapest Levoit 36$ : Next Cheapest Levoit 39$ : Next Cheapest Levoit 59$ : The Famous Levoit Model You Always See 89$ : Expensive Boi Levoit 100$ : Growlights- The ones I use (not purple) 25$ : A popular (but purple) choice 25$ : More Expensive but with a 4th light 33$ : Spider Farmer LED Strong Light 150$ : Hexagizmo Plant Pot Coupon Code: coupon code: PLANTMEASHLEY this supports my channel!!!!!! Check out my insta: Etsy: Twitter: Tweets by plantmeashley Want to Send Me Mail? 1116 S Vista Ave #163 Boise Idaho 83705 Video Rating: / 5


  • Jeffrey Barruga 3 months ago

    Solution starts here 2:53

  • Ruth Fitzwater 3 months ago

    Could the mealy bugs get into the soil?

  • Cheryl Parks 3 months ago

    Mine turn almost a rust/orange colour when I zap them with alcohol. They are such a pain in the ass, but the easiest bug to get rid of. Keep them out of the direct light/sun for 48hrs to prevent burn is what I have done. I also hit them with a soil drench I make. Great video.

  • Makayla J98 3 months ago

    Your content just keeps getting better and better! It’s so satisfying to get all the pests off a plant

  • Wanda B 3 months ago

    This is precisely why I no longer have jade plants. Mealybugs loved my succulents.

  • Sharon Pollitt 3 months ago

    what about the soil? Do u need to change the soil?

  • Vernon Jackson 3 months ago

    Thank you for sharing Ashley (;

  • David Morales 3 months ago

    what I'll do and has worked for me was…

    1on1 alcohol and water on a spray bottle, I spray the plant every day for 5 days then rinse it off with water. It makes sure you get every part of the plant without doing so much damage 🙂

  • Shannon Hergert 3 months ago

    I had a massive mealy bug infestation last end of summer/ pearly fall. I moved all of the infested plants outside and was treating them, then we got a hard freeze out of nowhere, and I lost pretty much every plant that was out there. I find they seem to really go after my hoyas and cacti.

  • I had the one and only infestation of these on a new bought dieffenbachia. I removed all of the soil and dipped the plant in a bucket with water / alcohol / dish soap. After a few minutes I cleaned the plant with clear warm water and potted it into new soil. I lost a few leaves, but there was no infestation anymore. Would not do this for other plants I guess.
    Hope yours will do well!

  • JACCI SHER 3 months ago

    Put a spray nozzle on the alcohol bottle and go wild . That’s what I do. I go through a lot. Spraying all the time. It does no harm because the alcohol evaporates. When you have an outbreak the q-tip thing gets tiring real quick.

  • Demi Sparks 3 months ago

    Thank you for another amazing video!

  • Elisha 3 3 months ago

    I had mealybugs on a bunch of different Cactus and my Hoya Bella. I use the isopropyl alcohol and removed all of the visible Mealey's just as you did. As a precautionary measure I put the rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and coated the cactus and the topsoil. I did this twice, and all the mealybugs are gone and have stayed gone. Side note I didn't dilute the alcohol before spraying it on the plants and it didn't do any damage. However if you're going to do this, do it with caution.

  • Dylan Benoit 3 months ago

    Your mealybug removal process seems a little rough. I have a pocket knife that is my designated mealybug remover because i can individually poke and remove them without having to smush and mash them on the plant (tweezers work too, and it saves the blue on the blue cacti).I just spray alcohol/neem oil at the end to avoid the cotton swabs altogether. Also, be really careful scratching in the grooves on the cacti, easy to cause small wounds that will just attract more pests. Hope your cacti recover well!

  • Anna Driessen 3 months ago

    Glad you feel better 🙂

  • Erin Sharp 3 months ago

    So satisfying watching this. Had surprise mealies almost completely obliterate a strawberry begonia. Took a couple weeks to kill them all. Went from a full 10" hanging pot with dozens babies to a single stem cluster in a 3" nursery pot. But! Now I can spot a mealy bug at a hundred paces 😉 look out effers!

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