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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote We saved a bumblebee yesterday with honey, read my blog to find out how: I also give you the recipe on my blog for blackberry fool, yummy dessert! When I was a child I got stung by a bumblebee trying to save my sister, who was terrified. I look back and feel sorry for the poor little bee. If only we had known that all we had to do was keep still, and it would have flown away. So yesterday I felt very proud that we had managed to save one bumblebee and thanks to the blackberry plants they visit our garden all the time. My little angel made up the bumblebee song, bless! The bumblebee fairy portrait and other pictures were all created by me, Sharon J. Bainbridge. P.S. The wild birds love blackberries. You can see a picture I took of a wild bird eating a blackberry, which is all thanks to our wonderful bumblebee. Thank you Mr Bumblebee. Video Rating: / 5

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