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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Every year, hundreds of migrants die in the desert from dehydration. Humane Borders is dedicated to saving their lives by providing water along the way of their grueling and dangerous journey. “It’s not for me to judge whether they are breaking the law; I just want to help human beings in need.” For more #GrottoStories subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Connect with us on social media! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Visit us at Never miss a beat! Subscribe to our weekly newsletter: — | TRANSCRIPT | Tucson, Arizona: For I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, and you welcomed me. — Matthew 25:35 Stephen Saltonstall: Every time I go out into the desert, I am struck by its beauty. It’s an absolutely stunning landscape. But that is ironic, because it’s also a killing field. Humane Borders is dedicated to the proposition that people who cross the border unlawfully shouldn’t die. Water is life, so of course it’s important for people in the desert. We have 50 water stations in the Sonoran Desert, which we check periodically. We want to make sure that the migrants have excellent drinking water. And so we not only test it, we taste it and smell it, make sure that it’s okay. I always analogize it to tasting food for the king. Yeah, I think that’s right, 15. So 15 gallons might be seven people. We have death maps which show the place where people have been found, and we try our best to put water stations in places where we know migrants are going to be. Diane Hoelter: We need to be doing something here, reaching out to these people that are […]


  • Nicholas Mosteller 9 months ago

    These aren't people who simply can't locate the ports of entry. They are drug smugglers and criminals. They aren't going to suddenly start respecting our laws as soon as they set foot on our soil. Stop encouraging them to risk their lives in the desert.

  • Chea-Ryu draws 9 months ago

    a wall would help more, people would be forced to get here legally. and that stops the scum of humanity from trafficking children for pedophiles over the borders. people wouldn't die in the desert because they wouldn't go there. and if the traffickers tried to get through the pass points, the children would get a chance to signal for help.

  • Angery Mechanic 9 months ago

    Oh cool. You know im gonna report you to homeland security though…… sorry aiding drug traffickers is not ok.

  • lawson brady 9 months ago

    how many murders and thieves kidnapers and drug mules have you help. I hope you will clean all the trash left by these animals they can come legally like my family did. you don't get a free pass. you are a disgrace.

  • Phily T 9 months ago

    You are aiding in the incentivizing of illegal aliens to make dangerous border crossings. The water you provide is not stopping the mass rape and murder of the victims that the coyotes and cartels prey on. You are impowering bad people through your well intentioned bleeding hearts. America does not need anymore migrants that our economy can't support. Maybe send fresh water and aid to the 3rd world countries the people are trying to escape from so they can stay safely at home, you idiots.

  • baker deltaking 9 months ago

    So if I aid someone in the act of braking into my neighbours house, I'm guilty of same said crime in America right???

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