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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Our visit to Jack Sisemore RV Museum in Amarillo Texas. Subscribe to The Hungry Cuban Channel: Music EpidemicSound: XXX FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Video Rating: / 5 This museum is located at the RV Dealership of Jack Sisemore. It has the Flxible Bus used in the movie RV by the Gornike family. This museum is completely free to enter. Jack Sisemore Traveland 4341 Canyon E-Way Amarillo, TX 79110 Send Mail Here! Rhetty for Fun P.O. Box 850593 Yukon, OK 73085 Video Rating: / 5


  • Beverly Iglesias 11 months ago

    I love seeing all the RV adventures you all are doing.❤️

  • antidzomtribute 11 months ago

    is fee to get in

  • xds9mm 11 months ago

    If you get a chance you should tour the on in Indiana

  • Mike Estes 11 months ago

    Another really interesting little video! Thanks…Mike & Connie…

  • Ward Frances, PhD 11 months ago

    Rhetty produces some of the most relaxing, yet highly informative videos out there. You can rely on these videos; superior to any travelogues on the market that cover similar ground.

  • A View From The Middle 11 months ago

    The rv from the movie was pretty cool. Too bad you weren't able too sit where they sat in the movie. What really got me though was the condition of everything that was there. It all looks brand new.

  • Jeff Lewis 11 months ago

    Amazing museum, but that bus was icing on the cake! It’s rare to see an Art Deco style bus like that. They really had a neat style back in the day

  • Jami JoAnne Russell 11 months ago

    This makes me miss the trailer we had in the 1980s. We also had that stove top toaster at one point and a percolator. My parents eventually sold it and I think threw out or put the toast and percolator in storage.

  • All the Best 11 months ago

    If I'm not mistaken, you live in Oklahoma. We just watched the news and saw the damage caused by the bad weather last night. Hope you and your family are safe and didn't suffer any damage.

  • Captain Brandstreet 11 months ago

    That museum is pretty neat, has a lot of vintage RV’s, motorcycles, cars, and other classical objects

  • Greg Hall 11 months ago

    Fantastic video my friend. I remember seeing a lot of that stuff you filmed.

  • Stephen Anderson 11 months ago

    Really enjoyed this video, brought back some memories. You're not gonna believe this but last night my Grandmothers old rolodex finally broke and I had to throw it away. I got quite a shock when you pointed one out in that old FMC, talk about ironic. Thanks and take care.

  • Ellen Chambers 11 months ago


  • cwb0051 11 months ago

    Wonderful, would Love to have one and go across country..

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