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  • sam talukder 1 year ago

    Thanks for Video

  • RANGER X 1 year ago


  • Michelle 2856 1 year ago

    please share your sunshine my yard is shade.

  • boxertest 1 year ago

    I like your channel :-)

  • Bob Anderson 1 year ago

    I really wanted to watch this,  but I couldn't, do you Know why?  Because of the annoying thumping back round music.  People come to sites like this to relax and unwind. If you must play music the volume level should be low and it should be soothing. :D

  • Chels T 1 year ago

    I live in Louisiana… I'm scared of the rain ruining my plants just because it rains allot. lol

  • kittenjewel101 1 year ago

    great video made me feel better

  • janus2005hotmail 1 year ago

    Hello, the clay pots..what are the called? I am not able to understand the word that is being said please?

  • Backyard Garden 1 year ago

    Great garden! I could only dream of mine being like this. Keep growing!

  • mef1975 1 year ago

    1:01 Are you using some sort of float switch in the olla to control water flow out of the rain barrel?

  • mef1975 1 year ago

    I'd be curious to figure some detailed specs on the system in order to balance the fish to plant ratio so that water is not wasted trying to keep nitrates down in the pond, like, in relation to space/volume used and perhaps even weight of product produced. Depending on fish stocking density, I've heard that 100 gallons of fish pond could provide for 500 gallons of vegetable aquaponics grow bed, if that makes sense? I'm currently keeping a planted fish aquarium to learn more. If you listen to people at the store in the aquarium hobby, you'll basically end up with a highly stocked tank, having to do a lot of water changes, but I'm creating a more balanced system that can go months without worrying about high nitrates. Two little guppies are providing for all sorts of aquatic plants, filling up the space in a 40 gallon tank. Not sure if it's really balanced yet though, just started a month or two ago.

  • Nonya Damnbusiness 1 year ago

    If you are afraid of work, you have no business gardening. It's gong to be work, deal with it or play video games.

  • Shri Baldev Agri Farm 1 year ago

    Its Great!! Using Pot is the oldest method of watering plant Bharat Farming!!

  • angela sheppard 1 year ago

    Love this video.Lots of good ideas. Didnt know that our tap water is actually bad for the plants.That shows how bad it is for us too.

  • Sally Weltner 1 year ago

    i've been living in Sinaloa mexico where its nice and hot most of the year. i'm getting older too so i needed a way to avoid the back breaking task of creating soil from compost and lugging it to my garden beds. i call it the lazy mans compost. i get someone younger and stronger than me to dig a nice big hole. two feet by two feet seems to work well. then i chuck in all the kitchen waste, dog poop, leaves, plant trimmings and even young weeds that havent sprouted seeds yet. when the hole is done i cover it with soil and plant seeds right on top. as the seedlings develop the compost does its thing underground. no flies, no mixing or turning, no muss no fuss. apperently it doesnt need as much time as we all thought. i got the idea when i noticed that seeds and pits Id thrown into the compost were growing in it after only a month or so. its been working for me now for about 4 years. ah and one other benie, as the compost compacts the soil slumps down and creates a low spot that prevents runoff. saves water, time and chiropractic bills.

  • cml375822 1 year ago

    What zone are you in?

  • Lee Thao 1 year ago

    She called this cheap. Unbelievable.

  • Chris Edwards 1 year ago

    I was very impressed with how much information this little video contained. I learned a lot. Thank you for making this. I'm an apartment garden grower but this video gave me some big picture information that I was lacking. I actually logged in just so I could thank you guys!

  • Myong Lee 1 year ago

    love you tube like all way.

  • Francisca Macleery 1 year ago

    Question on the ollas. Do you put just one per bed? And if yes is that enough to keep the whole bed watered or do you have to also water the traditional way? Love this idea and going to do it!

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