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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Shade Cloth Canopy For Vegetables – Arizona Gardening In this video, I will show you how I made this easy to put and remove, easy to make and inexpensive vegetable garden shade canopy to protect my tomato and pepper plants and give them a nice shade. Because here in Arizona the weather got very hot, very fast, I had to come up with an idea for shade for the tomato and pepper plants in my raised bed garden in order to protect them from the sun. But, make it strong and sturdy at the same time as we get strong winds here. I also wanted to be easy to install and remove as I don’t want to have it on all the time, so my tomato and pepper plants can get airflow at night. The shade cloth I bought from Lowe’s, is Easy Gardner 6-ft Saddle Tan Shade Fabric for .99. The shade cloth is 6 feet by 15 feet and it is more than enough for my raised garden bed. And, the way I made it, it would last for a long time. This particular shade fabric reduces the temperature by 15 degrees and allows airflow trough the vegetable garden as well. I also bought an 8 foot 1.5 inch by 3/4 of an inch board for .98 from Home Despot. The installation of the shade cloth is very easy too. And this is how I made shade for my tomato and pepper plants in my raised vegetable garden bed. I hope you find this video helpful and if you have any questions on how I made the shade canopy for my raised vegetable garden bed, please post them in the comment section and I will answer them. If you like this […]


  • Joe Huerta 4 years ago

    great job.

  • Lisa'sWorld 4 years ago

    You are such a riot. Gosh, I thought it was hot here for 99 but you must be cooking out there. Stay cool and hydrated. Can't lose our favorite gardener. :)

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